Thursday, December 7, 2023

Dr. Ali to have a ‘full busy’ birthday

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Everytime that one hears his name—Dr. Ali, we are sure you’d end up with your hearts burst out of laughter. It was in 1981, he debuted as a child actor in Telugu movies.

In 1994, he became a hero with Ysvi Krishna Reddy’s “Yamalila.” Ali became a television anchor after appearing as a hero in many films, and he became popular with every Telugu audience by repeating ‘Ali 369’, ‘Ali to Jolly’, and ‘Ali to Jolly’. He was given the title Dr. Ali after acquiring doctorates from prestigious universities. Ali’s birthday is October 10th.

Celebrating his birthday, he says, “Being in the field of cinema for the last 43 years, I have been taking advantage of the opportunities given by many directors and producers. Currently, I am playing key roles in ‘Geetanjali-2’, Allu Sirish’s ‘Buddy’, ‘Miss Kalika Devi Missing’ and some yet-to-be-titled films.

Apart from movies, I am very busy acting in various ads and acting as a host for many TV shows, said Ali. I am very happy with the blessings of media friends, family members and well-wishers of the audience.”

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