Thursday, November 30, 2023

Drawn X Odd Giraffe: The Latest Collab To Brighten Your Desk!

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Odd Giraffe And Drawn Come Together For A Desk Makeover With Personalized Stationery ~ Stationery Meets Style: Drawn And Odd Giraffe’s Newest Release

Drawn, celebrated fashion brand known for its joyful womenswear collections, is thrilled to announce its exclusive collaboration with Odd Giraffe; to bring a burst of colour and artistry to your daily workspace.

In this enchanting partnership, Drawn and Odd Giraffe have transformed the mundane world of stationery into a canvas of creativity and fashion. The Drawn x Odd Giraffe collection marries the chic elegance and comfort of everyday essentials with the exuberance of celebrating colour, happiness, and artistry. Your desk is about to get a stylish makeover like never before!

Rhea Bhattacharya, Founder of Drawn, encapsulates the essence of this collaboration beautifully, stating, “”We’re thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with Odd

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