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CM KCR campaigns for son, nephew

PNS | Hyderabad

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao campaigned for his son KT Rama Rao in Siricilla and his nephew T. Harish Rao in Siddipet. KCR didn’t mince words in showering praises on Harish in Siddipet and told the people of Sircilla that they knew KTR better than him.

“From the time he became a minister till today, Harish has done an excellent job in bringing every programme to this region. If I was in the place of Harish as an MLA, I don’t know if I could have done so much for Siddipet. Whether Siddipet got water or train it is due to Harish. I promise that shortly Siddipet will be made a brilliant diamond,” KCR said.

Meanwhile, in Sircilla KCR said, “I congratulate KTR for what he did to change the lives of the weavers of Sircilla.” He recalled the miserable condition of the weavers of Sircilla before the formation of Telangana state and said that he had seen messages on walls asking the weavers not to commit suicide. From such a situation Sircilla has changed under the BRS government, he added.

KCR said that governments must take responsibility for creating work for weavers and that the BRS launched the Bathukamma sari scheme to help weavers. “But some opposition leaders asked people to burn these saris blaming their quality. That was unfortunate,” said KCR.

He expressed confidence that the BRS will again form the government and continue to work for the weavers. He added that Sircilla will become another Sholapur in the coming days.

Speaking about the improved water availability in Sircilla, KCR said that he was happy to see the green fields and continuous flow of water in the region through Upper Maneir.
The CM spoke about the education institutes that were set up in Sircilla and said that the BRS government is committed to making Sircilla an educational hub.

He highlighted the promises in the BRS manifesto and said that the BRS would increase pension from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000. Similarly, Rythu Bandhu money will also be increased, he said.Attacking the Congress, KCR said that Congress leaders would be a threat to farmers as they would provide only three hours of power supply to farmers and would scrap the Dharani Portal.

KCR said the Congress governed the country for 60 years but failed to give uninterrupted power. He also said that industries faced problems due to the power crisis and farmers were dying of snake bites in the fields at night as the electricity supply was irregular.

At Siddipet, KCR turned emotional about his association with the place. “No matter what I do in this life, I will not be able to repay the debt I owe to this land that made me a winner. Telangana is now the country’s leader but Siddipet is the leader of Telangana,” he said.

“We are trying to provide Dalit Bandhu to 50,000 families or one lakh families every year. I am assuring the Dalits of Telangana that efforts will be made to ensure that every family gets Dalit Bandhu money. Rs 1 lakh is being given to BCs and it continues to reach every home,” he said.

After the meeting, while returning to Hyderabad, the Chief Minister stopped at Siddipet and had tea. He also recalled his glory days.

MP Damodara Rao, MP Kota Prabhakar Reddy, MLC Madhusudana Chari, MLC Deshapati Srinivas, MLC Yadava Reddy, MLA Raghottam Reddy, former MLC Parukh Hussain, ZP Chairman Roja Radhakrishna Sharma, Onteru Prathapara Reddy and others also attended the programme.

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