Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Dump Cong in Bay of Bengal’

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K Venkateshwarlu

BRS President Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said that the opposition is saying that they will dump the Dharani Portal in the Bay of Bengal and that the opposition is trying to impose officialdom on farmers. Congress leaders are saying that three hours of power supply is enough for farmers. You must dump the Congress in the Bay of Bengal, KCR appealed to the people.

Addressing the Jangaon Praja Ashirvada public meeting on Monday at the Jangaon Medical College Grounds, KCR said that the BRS will implement KCR Bima benefitting 93 lakh people if the BRS wins again.He said that Rs 5 lakh will be given to bereaved families within a week if a person dies like in the case of Rythu Bima scheme beneficiaries. He said that super fine rice will be given to ration card holders immediately after taking charge.

KCR said that they did not prepare a manifesto of lies for the sake of votes. “Did any CM think about introducing the Dalit Bandhu scheme across the nation? The situation would not have been like this if Dalit Bandhu was introduced decades ago,” KCR said.

He said that the investments are coming to the state in a big way as conditions are good. The law and order situation is good and there are no communal riots. However, some people are trying to create differences in the name of religion. There is a brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims in Telangana. Muslim leaders voluntarily postponed Milad-Un-Nabi for a day as Milad-Un-Nabi clashed with Ganesh Immersion Day, he said.

“The election will change our fate. It will decide the future of our state. Vote is a strong weapon in democracy. How do we vote, our karma will also be the same. People have to vote after identifying what is good and what is bad. The results would be good if we do like that. Don’t believe leaders who come here only during elections,” KCR said.

He assured people that Cheryal would be made a Revenue Division if Jangaon BRS candidate Plla Rajeshwara Reddy wins. He said that they will set up nursing colleges and paramedical colleges in Jangaon district and that he used to get tears seeing the district headquarters and mandal headquarters in some places before the formation of Telangana state.

KCR said that there are bright chances in Jangaon for the development of the IT industry as it is near Hyderabad. “I did not see a single youth when I went to Bachhannapet during the Telangana movement as all of them had gone out for their livelihood. Now Bachhannapet is getting water for 365 days. We considered several issues while creating new districts. I prepared plans for the development of the state by inviting financial experts. We made the state walk on the development path after huge brainstorming.

Today, paddy is going in thousands of trucks for two months from Telangana. Telangana farmers are now on the right path. We introduced the Dharani Portal to provide full rights to farmers on their land. I know the troubles of farmers and so I kept the power of revenue officials in the hands of farmers. Nobody can touch the land without the thumb impression of the farmer,” he said.

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