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‘Duranga season 2 is a great face-off between two male actors for a change’

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All set for its upcoming season, Duranga will stream on Zee 5 on October 24. Filmmaker Goldie Behl gets candid with The Pioneer, sharing some exclusive insights about the series.
Tejal Sinha
After a phenomenal season, get ready to enter the dark world of Duranga, which is all set to stream on Zee 5 on October 24.The Indian adaptation of the South Korean drama Flower of Evil stars Drashti Dhami and Gulshan Devaiah, and now joining the cast is Amit Sadh.
Directed by Rohan Sippy, the upcoming season has been produced by Goldie Behl’s Rose Audio Visuals. Ahead of enrapturing hearts yet again, the producer gets candid with The Pioneer, sharing some insights about the upcoming season.
Basically, when he saw the original series, it really intrigued him enough to make a remake of it. “I wanted to explore the hidden, unkept secrets between a husband and wife. Does a relationship really require full disclosure? And if certain undisclosed things do not affect the current relationship, do they still need to be disclosed? That was the starting point from where we began with season one, and it’s grown into this more exciting story about the husband’s past catching up in so many ways, and whether his wife can live with those things or forgive him for those things is the unraveling of the story.”
According to a note from the makers, Duranga Season 2 will witness the real Sammit Patel (played by Amit Sadh) wake up from a coma and go after Abhishek Banne (Devaiah), who has been living as Sammit Patel. With Amit Sadh being a prominent part of the second season, he shares, “Amit Sadh being a part of this season, there is far more excitement and some fantastic face-offs between Amit’s character and Gulshan’s character.
The performances of these two leads have been sensational. It’s a great face-off between two male actors for a change, and I’m very excited. Amit is in a very never-before-seen kind of role. He has always been the protector, but this time he is the attacker.”
All of the main lead cast members, be it Gulshan, Drashti, or Amit, have been the first choice for their respective roles. “Gulshan was the very first choice for the role,” shares Goldie, adding, “I mean, he is a fantastic actor. Along with Amit, we needed some sort of similarity between the way they looked and their personas.
As you watch the series, you will understand why they have been cast. Drashti was also one of the initial choices, as she just brings a level of freshness. We have never seen Drashti like this before, so it is very exciting to see all three of them in these very roles that we have not seen them in before.”
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