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EC uses ten IT applications for elections

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PNS | Hyderabad

The Election Commission of India is using 10 key IT applications for the upcoming elections. Primarily, the Election Planning Portal is a new initiative taken up by ECI and used by CEOs of all States and UTs, Planning division and Zonal Division in ECI.  Various modules in this portal are vacancy management, upcoming elections, holiday management, election planner etc.

The Polling Personnel Randomization Software (PPRS), developed by NIC, State Unit, Hyderabad, facilitates data entry of master tables and data entry of polling personnel and provides for 1st, 2nd & 3rd randomizations of polling personnel of various categories of POs, APOs, and OPOs.

Then there is the National Grievances Services (NGS) Portal ( facility provided by ECI to enable citizens to submit various types of electoral roll and election-related complaints by the public. The public can register user ID and submit complaints to a specific Assembly Constituency / District / State levels.
The Encore Application is used for processing of various types of permissions sought by the candidates/political parties, entry of candidate details, candidate affidavits, entry of 2-hourly poll percentage, PS wise poll percentage, data entry of votes secured by each candidates, preparation of online index card and submission of DEO Scrutiny Report alongwith CEO remarks, if any.

Besides, cVIGIL Portal is provided for election officials for monitoring the complaints received from citizens and the disposal status AC wise by CEO / DEOs. Service Voters Portal is used for processing of service electors applications submitted by the record / unit officers.  After finalization of Form 7-A, ERO downloads all Service electors from the service voters portal, verifies the count and uploads them into ETPBS Portal for further action by the respective Returning Officers.

The Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS) ( System facilitates transfer of e-Postal Ballot to the Service Electors electronically. The e-PBs will be returned to the ROs Office through Postal Department after marking the vote by service electors. EVM Management System – EMS 2.0 ( EMS 2.0 Portal is developed for maintaining the database of EVMs & VVPATs and facilitates monitoring of EVMs & VVPATs at various stages during election and non-election period. EMS allows marking of FLC, FLC NOT OK, UAT Rejected, movement of EVMs from factory to States, between States, between districts within a State, sending of non-functional EVMs to factory etc.  Further, EMS facilitates 1st Randomization & 2nd Randomization of EVMs / VVPATs, Marking & Unmarking of Election Petitions etc. Scanning of EVMs / VVPATs through EMS Mobile Apps ensures proper shifting of EVMs at various stages complying to the Physical movement of EVMs / VVPATs. Webcasting facilitates election machinery at ECI/CEO/DEO/RO levels for monitoring of events at each polling station on poll day.  Webcasting will be done in minimum of 50% of Polling Stations.

Apart from polling stations, webcasting will be used for monitoring of field units such as SSTs, FSTs from the date of announcement of poll. Observers Portal is specifically designed for all the observers i.e., General Observer, Expenditure Observer, Police Observer, and Awareness Observer, and it starts from the date of allocation.

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