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ECI’s biased decisions draw flak from public

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The Election Commission’s decision on some issues is drawing flak from not only political parties but also the public as the ECI is taking different decisions on the same issue in different states.
On some issues, the Election Commission has taken different decisions in Telugu states. The Election Commission gave the green signal to the Telangana government to release funds for farmers under the Rythu Bandhu scheme.
But the Election Commission refused to permit the Andhra Pradesh government to release funds for welfare schemes like Rythu Bharosa.
When the Andhra Pradesh Government sought permission to release input subsidy funds to farmers as compensation for crops damaged by cyclone and drought the Election Commission refused permission.
Similarly, the Election Commission refused permission to release funds for students’ fee reimbursement scheme.
The Election Commission directed the Andhra Pradesh government not to release any funds for any welfare schemes till the elections are over.
However, the Election Commission permitted the Telangana government to release funds to farmers under the Rythu Bandhu scheme as input subsidy. The Telangana government has already started releasing funds to farmers.
The people of Andhra Pradesh are criticising the biased decisions of the Election Commission. In both Telugu states, the BJP or its alliance partners are not in power.
In Telangana, the Congress is in power and in Andhra Pradesh the YSR Congress is in power.
In Telangana, the release of funds under the Rythu Bandhu scheme has become a big controversy between the BRS and the Congress. This controversy led to BRS and Congress MLAs and Ministers challenging each other with resignation offers. In this situation, the Election Commission decided in favour of the Congress government.
There is a general impression that the Election Commission takes decisions under the influence of the Central Government whichever party may be in power at the Centre. In this context, the people are saying that the Election Commission is taking decisions influenced by the Central Government led by the BJP.
The Congress is the main political rival of the BJP at the national level. In Andhra Pradesh, the YSR Congress headed by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy helped the BJP-led Central Government in Parliament many times in the last five years. Even though the YSR Congress is not a member of the NDA it has acted as a reliable friend of the BJP during the last five years. In these circumstances, the decision of the Election Commission has shocked the YSR Congress.

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