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Eesha Rebba: I am willing to take the risk of doing a transfiguration for a role in the future

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Actress Eesha Rebba, who was recently seen as the leading lady in the recent
film Mama Mascheendra, speaks to The Pioneer over an exclusive chat about her character in depth, her experience with Sudheer Babu in the film, and more.


For her last movie, Eesha Rebba had to become a wholesome influencer, you know, taking over that social media phenomenon. In her real life, the Mama Mascheendra leading lady has never been a part of a scroll of memes or trends that make you question your fate.

Hilarious! Even Eesha felt hysterical doing this role opposite Sudheer Babu. But as we know the movie is garnering interesting applause in our city, we quickly rang the actress for a better crux. “My character is only very mercenary. My character brief was to go viral! I was told to showcase my obsessive nature for attention. I was supposed to make cringe videos (she giggles). On a personal front, I can’t do all of this. I don’t even make efforts to record a video! I am so busy with my movie schedules that if you asked me to shoot reels separately, it would be a whole different task for me. Neither do I have patience! To be a digital creator is not my zone.”

At the same time, she also feels that sometimes the influencers create a big deal for actresses to keep up with the social media game. In that case, funnily enough, what will actresses like Eesha do? “I do photo shoots, but it’s not my means of support. These shoots are done for our movie promotions, and mine is still pending. It’s a compulsion for us only when the designers come into the picture. It’s also helping us because we are adorning different avatars, and what if someone spots us? They can be called look tests in a way,” added the Dayaa fame.

As we move ahead in our conversation, everyone’s talking about Sudheer Babu being the heart and soul of the film, but it was the actress who saw the real deal behind his transformations for the movie.

She describes it in full view for our readers: “Sudheer took a risk, and by good fortune, Telugu audiences gave him his credence. He’s been saying it was so easy for him to play the three transformations; as his co-actor, I can tell you it’s just his lack of vanity for his craft. Because! He was wrangling with himself on the sets. The prosthetics didn’t even allow him to breathe properly. The air cooler was always on him! He was feeling smothered; it’s just his lowliness that he didn’t want to tell the press about it. In all three transformations, I forgot the real Sudheer Babu; he was simply so cool. Actually, Sammohanam was the movie that really made me like his craft.”

In fact, even Eesha is willing to take a risk like this somewhere down the line. It will be a joy for her to do any variations as an actress! She wants her fans to love her more for the metamorphosis, if ever she does. She even suggests, “I want the audiences to be a little sensitive and sometimes try to overlook the logical inconsistency of a movie. The scroll of memes affects the actors! Stop circulating memes about actors that are insensitive.”

There is also Mirnalini Ravi in the movie, and Eesha clarified that there were no dull moments between the two and only excitement.”I remember my niece being starstruck, knowing I was going to work with her. My niece is her fan! She is two years old, and Mirnalani was so gracious in accepting her regards.We hung out a lot and went and watched movies together in the city.

Even the director was busy overindulging us because he knows what an actor has to go through when the camera isn’t rolling. Harsha Vardhan, as we all know, is an actor too. He just hyped all of us! Other directors just say “shot okay” and move on. He’s not like them. That urged me to bring variations to my role as well.”

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