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Election campaign vehicle ‘Varahi’ is ready for Pawan Kalyan

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A special vehicle is getting ready for the Yatra to be taken out by Janasena Party President K Pawan Kalyan. Pawan Kalyan posted video footage of the vehicle on Twitter and announced that “‘Varahi’ is ready for election battle”. Pawan Kalyan inspected the vehicle and made a trial run of it in Hyderabad on Wednesday.He made some suggestions to Tangella Uday Srinivas about the vehicle and also discussed it with the technical experts who are making it.

Varahi is one of the seven mother Goddesses of Durga Devi. The vehicle is named after Goddess Varahi and the epics say that she is the Goddess of protecting all directions. Goddess Varahi is one of the seven mother Goddesses of Durga Devi. These seven mother Goddesses exterminated a demon called RakthaBeeja. A release from the Janasena office said the vehicle Varahi is designed with high security measures using modern technology. It is known that the streetlights were shut down during the Visakhapatnam tour recently.

So, there are special lighting arrangements in the Varahi vehicle. While Pawan Kalyan is addressing the people from the Varahi vehicle, lights have been arranged around the vehicle to avoid any inconveniences. The modern sound system is used with which even thousands of people can hear the speeches of Pawan Kalyan with clarity and clarity.

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