Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Election Commission lodges 800 FIRs in city

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The Election Commission has lodged 800 FIRs in the city since the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) came into force on October 9.  On Tuesday 13 cases were lodged. Flying squad has seized Rs 35,02,500 and police authorities have seized Rs 10,06,276 on Tuesday, As of now RS 3,99,03,450 was seized by the Flying squad and Rs 52,92,90,263 seized by police department.
In the State, Rs 3,47,57,795 has been seized in a 24-hour span. As of now, Rs 239,82,74,061 has been seized. Morever, 82 kgs of ganja, liquor of 2190 litres, 40 kgs of black jaggery has been seized in 24 hours. As of now, 8,530 kgs of ganja, liquor of 2,22,208 litres, 51,100 kgs black jaggery has been seized by the EC.
In all, 31 CRPC cases have been registered and so far 1,330 cases have been registered. Nakkas Operation 102, since MCC is in force, 3,795 Nakkas operations have been done. On Tuesday, 13 non-bailable warrants filed and till date 2,367 non-bailable warrant cases have been registered.  On the violation of MCC, two cases have been filed in Sanathnagar constituency and one case has been registered in Khairatabad constituency.
Under the MCC, 71 wall writings were removed in public properties on Tuesday and a total of 6,415 wall writings were removed. On Tuesday, 76 political leaders’ statues have been masked and since the MCC came into force, 1,17,528 leaders’ statues were masked.

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