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Elon Musk fires engineer over falling likes and engagement in his tweets

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk is apparently angry at how the social media platform is progressing. In recent weeks, Twitter has rolled out new features, but users are complaining that their share of tweets with the public is falling. Musk is facing similar issues, and there is no solution from the engineering team. As a result, an engineer was fired as the employee could not provide concrete answers to Musk about dropping likes and engaging in his tweets.

According to The Platformer, Musk assembled a group of engineers and said, “I have more than 100 million followers, and I’m only getting tens of thousands of impressions.” And he added, “This is ridiculous.” However, after the meeting, Musk apparently lost his cool and yelled at one of the engineers. “You’re fired, you’re fired,” Musk told the engineer. The report retains the name of the employee’s name.

The report notes that Musk asked employees to keep track of how many times each of his tweets is recommended. The CEO of Twitter is one of the most followed users of the platform. Even before acquiring Twitter in October of last year, Musk was very active on the social media platform, tweeting about anything and everything.

The exact reason for the drop in tweet engagement is still unclear, but it may be due to Twitter’s new feature that allows users to view engagement numbers. Musk recently made his account private for a day to test whether that would increase his audience size. Earlier this week, Twitter tested some features, but the social platform suffered a massive outage.

It is not clear if the release of the updates caused the Twitter outage. While the product team is looking into the matter, employees told the publication that workers haven’t “seen much in the way oflonger-term, cogent strategy”, said an employee.

“Most of our time is dedicated to three main areas: putting out fires (mostly caused by firing the wrong people and trying to recover from that), performing impossible tasks, and ‘improving efficiency’ without clear guidelines of what the expected end results are.

We mostly move from dumpster fire to dumpster fire, from my perspective.” Musk fired half the Twitter force after his takeover. He recently clarified that Twitter has 2,300 active workers and several contractors. The company had approximately 7,500 employees before its acquisition.

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