Thursday, November 30, 2023

Emergency Helpline for Andhra people in Israel

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PNS | Vijayawada

The Embassy of India in Israel and the Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu Society (APNRTS) have set up helpdesks with 24/7 Emergency Helpline numbers in view of the unrest in West Asia. The Embassy of India has also issued advisory to Indian citizens in Israel.

The Chief Executive Officer of APNRTS, P Hemalatha Rani, has said that the Embassy of India, Tel Aviv, Israel, has issued an important advisory to Indian citizens in Israel about the ongoing developments in Israel requesting Indian citizens to remain vigilant, and observe safety protocols and exercise caution, avoid unnecessary movement and stay close to safety shelters as advised by local government authorities.

Hemalatha Rani explained that APNRTS, an entity of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, had set up emergency helpdesks and was prepared to assist in repatriating the Non-Resident Telugus (NRTs) of Andhra Pradesh from Israel in case of emergencies and communicated the same with the Indian Embassy in Israel. Indian nationals who are planning to travel to Israel are advised to reconsider their travel plans until the situation normalises.

The APNRTS CEO said that the Embassy of India advised all Indian nationals to contact the Embassy’s emergency helpline number +972 35226748 or in case of emergencies and/or to register with the embassy.

Hemalatha Rani added that NRTs of Andhra Pradesh in Israel may also contact APNRTS 24/7 Helpline numbers +91 85000 27678 and 0863-2340678 for any assistance. Family members of NRTs are also advised to contact APNRTS helpline numbers if their dear ones in Israel need any assistance.

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