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Enhancing the library sector scene in India

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The GCC in India holds immense significance in driving Baker & Taylor’s global operations and long-term growth strategy. It serves as a crucial catalyst for digital transformation, innovation, and value-added operations. As global firms recognize the potential of India as a desirable location, we understand the importance of establishing a strong presence in this dynamic market.

According to a report by EY, India is projected to have 2400 GCCs by 2030, with the number potentially increasing to 2550 as India solidifies its position as a global technology and services center. This highlights the immense opportunities and potential that India offers. By adhering to the principles of “Make in India” and establishing the Baker & Taylor India GCC, making them committed to creating globally competitive technology solutions. This approach not only promotes economic growth but also positions us as a global leader in library distribution, services, and technology.

As India continues to evolve as the world’s technology and services center, Baker & Taylor India GCC is well-positioned to play a crucial role in shaping our future growth trajectory. We are excited about the possibilities that this venture holds, and we remain committed to delivering value and excellence to our customers, partners, and stakeholders worldwide. Together, they are poised to seize opportunities, innovate, and drive transformative change in the library distribution and services domain.

Amandeep S. Kochar, President & Group CEO, Baker & Taylor Group of Companies shares, “The establishment of our GCC in India is poised to have a profoundly positive impact on job creation in the country, aligning perfectly with India’s position as a thriving hub of tech talent. As highlighted in the report by EY, the GCC industry is projected to employ over 4.5 million people by 2030, significantly surpassing the existing base of 1.9 million. At Baker & Taylor, we recognize the potential of investing in our organizational culture and enhancing our employee value proposition, recognizing that talent remains a crucial competitive advantage. Through our unwavering commitment to skill development, we offer comprehensive training programs to our employees, nurturing their talents and contributing to the growth of the Indian workforce. We firmly believe that the establishment of our Baker & Taylor India GCC will undoubtedly result in substantial job creation and play a pivotal role in addressing employment challenges.”

By embracing the “Make in India” initiative, they aim to develop localized, cost-effective solutions, foster collaboration, and knowledge exchange, and ultimately stimulate job growth and skill development. Having been actively contributing to this endeavour, our vision is to not only empower our Indian workforce but also make significant contributions to both the global and Indian economies.

The factors that make India an attractive location for establishing their GCC, Amandeep shares is, “undeniably driven by its vast talent pool. India boasts a remarkable talent pool, encompassing strong engineering and digital expertise, fostering an environment of innovation and growth. The mature start-up landscape and existing peer GCC ecosystem further add to the allure of this dynamic nation. At Baker & Taylor, we recognize the immense potential of India’s talent, and we are keen on harnessing this expertise to align with our needs and goals. We have laid the foundation with 55 dedicated team members in India, and we have ambitious plans to expand this workforce to over 150 by FY24. This expansion aligns perfectly with our vision of creating our Global Capability Center, where our global teams can seamlessly collaborate on technology development and enhance library services worldwide. In tandem with our innovation centers in Scotland, the US, and Australia, this endeavour strengthens our commitment to excellence on a global scale.” They have continuously been involved in engaging multiple exceptional librarians and technology professionals in India, with plans to elevate the number of employees by 2024. This strategic move, thus, empowers them to develop cutting-edge solutions that shape the future of library services, empowering communities and fostering a love for reading and knowledge, and redefining the future of library services, cementing our position as a frontrunner in the industry.

“We place a strong emphasis on the growth and development of our employees, ensuring they have a supportive environment for advancing their careers. Beyond regular perks, we strive to create a positive atmosphere where individuals can thrive. For those joining us in India, we provide exciting opportunities to work alongside industry experts with over 40 years of expertise, enabling them to gain valuable insights and knowledge. Additionally, employees have access to a vast company library with over 1,000 titles, facilitating continuous learning and keeping them updated with industry trends. We are also planning to introduce customized courses that promote career and technical advancement within our workforce. As the CEO of Baker & Taylor, I am committed to prioritizing the well-being and growth of our employees. Through our initiatives and support systems, we aim to create a fulfilling and rewarding career path for those joining our organization in India, fostering their potential and contributing to their long-term success,” shares Amandeep.
Embracing its 190+ years of worldwide experience, they further foster a start-up-like environment while promoting transparency, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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