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Axis Three Dee Studios—a one-of-its-kind initiative in immersive visual media and projection mapping—launched a fascinating son-et-lumière (light-and-sound) show display at the recently inaugurated ‘Vishwas Swaroopam’ (Statue of Belief) as a permanent installation. Revolving around the themes of ‘Aarambh’ (The Beginning) and ‘Shabd Utpatti’ (Origin of Language), the shows keep the audience enthralled throughout the entire 20-30-minute program. With many more stories to be introduced shortly, the 369-foot Statue of Belief promises to be a ‘must-visit’ landmark already thronged by thousands of visitors every day.

The unique narration is in a ‘Kathavachak’ or narrative form, and has been scripted and narrated by Shri Madan Paliwal Ji, Chairman of the iconic conglomerate, Miraj Group, of Udaipur. The language brings alive the timeless knowledge and wisdom of this ancient land weaving lucidly into the narrative numerous anecdotes, references and direct quotes from the Sanatani scriptures. All of it is in a form easily understood by the young and old alike.

This projection is a daily event. Painting the night sky aglow in a riot of colours, the resplendent Statue of Belief comes alive with the help of 24 Barco’s UDX series projectors, each shooting out a staggering 40,000 lumens of brightness and that, too, in 4K resolution for an ultra-vivid and crisp rendition.

Located atop the hill of Ganesh Tekri within the ‘Tat Padam Upvan’ grounds, the ‘Vishwas Swaroopam’ statue was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Ashok Gehlot, along with Sri Morari Bapu and Rajasthan Assembly Speaker, Shri CP Joshi, in October 2022. ‘Vishwas Swaroopam’ is the world’s tallest Shiva idol, and constructed by Tat Padam Sansthan. The statue depicts Mahadev in a rare sitting posture, as He benevolently looks below at the surrounding expanses of Nathdwara and beyond. The ‘Tat Padam Upvan’ is spread over a sprawling 31 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds.

‘Vishwas Swaroopam’ can be seen from as far as 20 kilometers on days when visibility and the weather permits. It has become the latest iconic landmark for the region. Every evening, this majestic statue comes to life in a stunning riot of colours, sound and light during the projection mapping show, created and commissioned by Axis Three Dee Studio Pvt. Ltd.

The Statue of Belief was envisioned by Shri Madan Paliwal Ji. The Miraj Group had selected and entrusted the entire projection design and execution job to Axis Three Dee Studios. Mr Avijit Samajdar, CEO, Axis Three Dee Studios, who is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning Projection Designer, having numerous projects in India and the world to his credit, is Producer and Director for the content design of this amazing projection mapping show. He and his immensely talented, creative, installation and mapping team had created the unique blueprint for such a complex project—right from conception to execution and its successful conclusion for handover.

The mesmerising, fluidic visuals with their vibrant colours and seamless transitions, sprinkled with lavish visionary art, have come to be recognised as the hallmark style of its Director, Avijit Samajdar. Avijit praised his content team for their deep insight in connecting words with images, even on such complex topography and surface colours, while always maintaining the storyline’s sanctity.

“All credit goes to the technical team, including experts from Dataton led by Mr Ashok Sharma, regional head, DATATON, Sweden, for A-Pac, whose Watchout system provided the robust backbone. For a show that required communication between a multitude of hardware and software with clockwork precision,” says Avijit, “nothing but the best can suffice and Watchout mapping systems and Dataton media servers were my first choice. Having worked with this hardware and software many times before, I know they’re real workhorses under the most challenging conditions and, once again, they have proved me right.”

As Avijit so eloquently sums up his craft, “Content designing is nothing but a clever play of abstract geometry and colors woven into a storyline to draw the audience into its seductive flow… Based on the audience reaction, I’m happy that we’ve managed to achieve the visual magic we set out to do.”

In conclusion, Avijit Samajdar was all praises for the team at Miraj without whose cooperation and teamwork this herculean task would not have been possible. He added, “I consider it a privilege to have got the opportunity to work closely with Shri Madan Paliwal Ji, whose deep understanding and grasp of complex subjects, coupled with his infectious personality, has only made us all richer in experience and wisdom.”

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