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Every eligible person should be registered as a voter: Vikas Raj

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State Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Vikas Raj said that every eligible person should be registered as a voter.

He inaugurated a training programme on voter registration for booth-level officers, supervisor officers, and representatives of the residential welfare association of 24 Assembly constituencies under the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) at Banjara Bhavan in Banjara Hills on Tuesday.

The State Chief Election Officer said, “Voters should be registered in the colony so that problems do not recur and RW representatives should cooperate in voter identification. For that, the voter should be registered first with the cooperation of the representative of the residential colony. The Booth-Level Officers (BLOs) should prepare a plan for the voter registration of the eligible people. Once the complete details of the voter registration are uploaded on the website, not only those belonging to the houses in the colony but also the eligible people in the houses near the colony should also be registered as voters. This process should be completed in 10 days.”

Chief Additional Election Officer Lokesh Kumar said, “BLOs should be active in preparing voter lists without mistakes. Changes and additions in the voter list should be corrected if those who are in the same house are in another polling station or border constituency. In addition, efforts should be made to correct errors such as photo missmatch, spelling mistakes, house numbers, address changes, voters of the same family members being in the same polling station, date of birth and relationship. For changes and additions to the voter list, Form-8 should be done. Everyone who is eligible should be registered as a voter without missing out.”

Hyderabad District Election Officer and GHMC Commissioner Ronald Rose said, “Efforts should be made to increase the voting percentage in the GHMC area, along with voter registration, changes, and additions. In the light of accusations from different parties that voters of the same family members are registering at different polling stations, steps should be taken to prevent such issues.”

Joint CEO Sarparaj Ahmed, Medchal, Rangareddy, Sangareddy District Collectors Amay Kumar, Harish, Sarath, Additional Commissioner Shankaraiah, Joint Commissioner Manga Manana, Returning Officers of respective constituencies, Deputy Commissioners, representatives of Residential Welfare Association, supervisors and others participated in the programme.

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