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Ex-min Somireddy’s ‘deeksha’ foiled

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In the early hours of Tuesday, police thwarted the peaceful protest, or ‘Deeksha’, initiated by Telugu Desam Party (TDP) senior leader and former minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy. Authorities forcibly removed him from the protest site at Tadiparti village in Podalakuru mandal and returned him to his residence.
Chandramohan Reddy had undertaken the Deeksha to voice his opposition against the alleged illegal mining of precious Quartz minerals in Podalakuru mandal. He claims that mining activities persist in a Quartz mine even after the expiration of the mining permission.
In a pre-dawn operation, a police contingent descended upon the village, removing Chandramohan Reddy from the protest camp and subsequently transporting him to his home. TDP activists confronted the police, resulting in a clash between law enforcement and protesters.
Addressing the media later, Chandramohan Reddy accused leaders from the YSRCP of flouting regulations in the extraction of Quartz minerals from a mine in Nellore district. He contended that the mining, conducted without a valid lease agreement or permission, amounted to the illegal exploitation of precious Quartz minerals, allegedly with the support of YSRCP leaders.
“The illegal mining scandal in Andhra Pradesh stands as one of the most significant scams in the country. Approximately Rs 3,000 crore worth of precious Quartz minerals have been unlawfully extracted in the past six months. Despite court directives urging action against illegal mining, no substantial measures have been taken,” Chandramohan Reddy asserted.
He went on to claim that the illicit Quartz mining was rampant in villages near Agriculture Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy’s hometown. Chandramohan Reddy visited the mining area and reported observing a substantial quantity of explosive materials and heavy drilling machines. He expressed disappointment at being forcefully removed by the police while peacefully observing his Deeksha, emphasising that he had never witnessed such extensive illegal mining in the state.

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