Friday, December 1, 2023

Ex-MP for CBI probe into ‘skill’ scam case

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Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar has expressed his belief that a CBI investigation is necessary to ascertain the truth behind the skill development scam. During a media interaction in Rajahmundry on Saturday, he pointed out that the GST Director General had brought to light this alleged scam, which occurred during N Chandrababu Naidu’s tenure as Chief Minister.

Undavalli Arun Kumar raised concerns regarding the disappearance of files related to the skill development scam. He speculated that the previous government may have intentionally removed the files to eliminate evidence, or the current government might have done so to undermine the former government’s credibility.

It should be noted that Siemens company has explicitly stated that it has no involvement in the skill development project. Undavalli Arun Kumar questioned why there would be any issue with a CBI investigation into the skill development case and emphasized that there is a clear indication of corruption in this matter. He also expressed his opinion that Naidu may have been aware of the alleged scam.

Furthermore, Undavalli Arun Kumar mentioned that Naidu’s legal team has chosen to seek the quashing of the skill development case rather than applying for bail in court. He stressed the importance of bringing all the facts to light concerning the skill development scam and alleged the involvement of certain “suitcase companies” in this case.

Regarding the provision of facilities to Naidu in the central prison, Undavalli Arun Kumar suggested that if Naidu required additional amenities, the TDP leader could pursue the matter through legal channels.

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