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Exploring education avenues at Harvard Kennedy School

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C Pradeep Kumar

Gandham Chandrudu is not only a talented and accomplished student, but also an efficient and acclaimed Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer from India who pursued his education at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) in America. Speaking to The Pioneer, Chandrudu said that he had a strong passion for public policy and governance, which inspired him to study at HKS.

Hailing from a small village from Nandyal district of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrudu faced several challenges in his life and also on his journey to Harvard. However, his determination and hard work helped him overcome obstacles and stand out. His academic excellence and proven works in making a positive impact in the lives of people played a crucial role in securing his place at HKS.

At HKS, Chandrudu found himself surrounded by a diverse and talented group of peers from all over the world. This global exposure enriched his learning experience and broadened his perspectives on various issues. He engaged in fruitful discussions, debates, and collaborations with students from diverse backgrounds. It helped in fostering a deeper understanding of complex problems and innovative solutions.

During his time at HKS, Chandrudu had the opportunity to interact with renowned professors like Ron Heifetz, Noah Feldman, Kessely Hong, and experts in the field of public policy like Marshall Ganz etc. Their guidance and mentorship further fuelled his passion and sharpened his analytical skills.

As a result of his experiences at HKS, Chandrudu not only gained valuable knowledge and expertise but also developed strong networking skills. He understood the importance of collaborating with others, as it often led to more comprehensive and effective solutions to the country’s challenges.

Chandrudu said that Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) offers a wide range of academic programmes that prepare students for impactful careers in public service and policy-making. Among the various programs available, students can pursue Master’s degrees in Public Policy, Public Administration, International Development, and other related fields. Moreover, HKS boasts a strong and influential alumni network. Graduates have gone on to hold prominent positions in governments, non-profits, and international organisations.

Chandrudu stated that Dr BR Ambedkar, a visionary Indian scholar, and WEB DuBois, a prominent African-American activist, recognised the immense power of education as a catalyst for empowerment and social progress and recalled Ambedkar’s words of “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

In conclusion, education at Harvard Kennedy School opens doors to transformative experiences, empowering students like Gandham Chandrudu to become effective leaders and change-makers. Prospective Indian students and parents should consider HKS as an esteemed institution to advance their knowledge and careers in public service and policy-making. As echoed by prominent scholars, education is the key to driving positive change and shaping a brighter and more equitable world.

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