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‘Facial Recognition’ attendance in force

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NTR District Collector Dr S Dilli Rao registered his attendance through the Andhra Pradesh Facial Recognition Attendance System (APFRAS) after downloading the app onto his mobile, at the collectorate in Vijayawada on Monday. Later, he explained the functioning of the APFRAS app and how to register attendance to the officers and employees.

In view of the downloading of the APFRAS app on mobiles, all district-level officers have been busy. Collector Dr Dilli Rao arrived at the collectorate at 10,02 am and registered his attendance through the app.

Speaking on the occasion, the Collector said that as per the directive of the State government, facial recognition attendance was mandatory for every employee. He said the facial recognition attendance system came into force on January 2 and instructed all employees to register their attendance through the app. He made it clear that old rules were being implemented in the new system and added that attendance should be registered from the location of the office.

He further said that if an employee was late by over an hour three times, it would be treated as one-day of general leave. With facial recognition of attendance, the time an employee joined duty and the time they signed out would be registered.

Meanwhile, he said the app would improve the employees’ sense of responsibility and also reduce instances of them getting late. It would also help to increase transparency. He appealed to the employees to accept the new system positively. The district administration would conduct training programmes in this regard, he added.

NTR District Revenue Officer M Mohan Kumar and other officers were present.

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