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Family Star DoP: I’ve not referred my daughter Malvika for any film

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DoP KU Mohanan, ahead of the release of the much-awaited Family Star, gets candid as he shares some interesting insights about the shooting of the film, some deets about the film, and more.
K. Ramya Sree
On Wednesday, Vijay Deverakonda and producer Dil Raju performed a ‘homam’ at Dil Raju’s office ahead of Vijay’s Family Star release, on which the actor pinned many hopes.
Meanwhile, we have with us DOP KU Mohanan of Family Star speak about the making of the film.
For those unaware of Ku Mohanan, he is the man behind the lens of films like Don, Talash, and Andhadhun. He also provided cinematography for Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi.
He has now come on board with his cinematic prowess for Family Star, directed by Parasuram Patla, starring Mrunal Thakur as the female lead. And according to him, Family Star was a beautiful movie. “This is the story of a man from the middle class’s tale. He sent a positive message with what he did for the family. The colony set is where we shot. I tried to capture the naturalness of the tale and the people in the images. Absent drone footage. For the family star, no superfluous photo shoots were shot. Additionally, the lighting is natural. However, the images appear as stunning as they should when viewing the film. It seems like our house when we watch a middle-class home on TV. The backdrop of this film was produced by director Parasuram using a straightforward setup. Mrunal and Vijay gave me a lot of support. Filmmaking requires collaboration, therefore, crew members and artists assist one another,” shared the DoP, who learned the art of cinematography from watching World Cinema. “We all watched commercial, larger than life movies. That’s why we want the visuals to be more natural in terms of cinematography. I use new equipment for films only if it is necessary,” he added.
Speaking of Family Star, he added that it is a movie that talks about family values, which we are neglecting. “India has transitioned to a nuclear family society. In this day and age, this film explores the relevance of our traditional family values. A familial tale from India. It contains a lovely love tale as well. This film was directed by Parasuram and has a distinct concept. attempted a novel approach. In it, he also demonstrated business features. Parasuram was pleased with the way I worked. How much of a hit this movie will be is beyond me; it is impossible for the public to forecast how a movie will be regarded. Sometimes unremarkable films turn into huge hits, while other times, really good films don’t do well at all.” The cinematographer’s daughter, Malvika, too, has made her debut as a heroine in Tollywood. She also worked with Pa Ranjith for Thangalan.
Speaking of it, he shared, “Malavika, my daughter, has become well-known. Her name is not one I’ve suggested for a film. If you believe doing so would be incorrect. She must demonstrate her acting ability. Malavika’s reputation will improve thanks to the Pa Ranjith and Vikram film Thangalan. Although I contributed to the film The Goat Life of Aadu Jeevitham, I left the project because of how lengthy the film’s production took.”
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