Saturday, February 24, 2024

Flood alert issued for Prakasam Barrage

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The Irrigation Department has issued a flood alert for Prakasam Barrage as heavy rainfall in the upper catchment area continues to increase the inflows. Authorities predict that up to 50,000 cusecs of water or possibly even more may be discharged through Prakasam Barrage, based on real-time assessments. The upper catchment area has been experiencing continuous heavy rainfall, leading to substantial floods at the Pulichintala Project and a gradual rise in its water levels, as reported by officials.

Moreover, the Munneru Rivulet is also filling up with floodwater, originating from the neighboring state of Telangana. Consequently, officials have initiated the release of floodwater from Munneru into the river Krishna.

In light of these developments, PVR Krishna Rao, the river conservator, has issued a request to the people residing downstream of Prakasam Barrage to remain vigilant regarding the flood situation. Presently, the realized inflow at Prakasam Barrage stands at 11,840 cusecs, and to manage the excess water, 16 crest gates have been raised to a height of one foot, allowing the floodwater to be released into the sea.

The Irrigation Department is closely monitoring the weather conditions, and based on their projections, they anticipate that around 50,000 cusecs of surplus water may need to be discharged in the coming hours. Residents in the region are advised to stay updated with further announcements from the authorities and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

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