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Focus on safeguarding heritage at Bansilalpet stepwell in city

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The Meil Foundation and the Sudha Reddy Foundation co-hosted a commemoration of World Heritage Day at the Bansilalpet Stepwell (Koneru Bavi) in Secunderabad on Thursday. The event highlighted the significance of safeguarding our heritage for the generations to come.
Principal Secretary of Tourism and Culture, Shailaja Ramaiyer, inaugurated the event by lighting a lamp and began the programme.
The Bansilalpet Stepwell, served as a crucial water source for the Gandhi Hospital well into the 20th century; however, its significance decreased in the 1980s due to tragic incidents of suicide. In 2022, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and The Rainwater Project led the restoration efforts, breathing new life into this historical landmark. Over 2000 tons of debris were carefully cleared during the restoration process.
Chairperson of the Sudha Reddy Foundation, Sudha Reddy said, “Heritage is the legacy passed down to us from time immemorial. It shapes our present and moulds our future.”
She also said, stepwells demonstrate architectural brilliance, symbolising both our past and future. It is necessary upon every citizen to cherish and uphold our vibrant cultural heritage.”
The Sudha Foundation fosters committed plans to contribute to the restoration of heritage sites across the Telugu States and India.
The occasion featured a traditional dance performance by “Shanmata” along with traditional music performances.
Shailaja Ramaiyer, Principal Secretary of Tourism and Culture, P Sudha Reddy, Director of Meil and Chairman of the Sudha Reddy Foundation, Kommareddy Bapu Reddy, Vijayabhaskaramma and few other dignitaries participated in the World Heritage Day event.

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