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‘For the first time, I had a tanned appearance to fit the character’

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Artist Ihana Dhillon, who will be appearing in the upcoming film Je Paisa Bolda Hunda, shares with The Pioneer her excitement for the project, the recreation of a popular track, among others.
In the Punjabi entertainment industry, Ihana Dhillon is an artist who has adeptly balanced several aspects of her life! The Pioneer was keen to learn that she has the aptitude and capacity to handle everything brilliantly, from acting to production. She will also be appearing in the upcoming film Je Paisa Bolda Hunda shortly. There’s a great deal of enthusiasm and expectation surrounding it! It’s noteworthy that a few of the songs have already received widespread praise from the public, which further heightened our excitement for this exclusive interview.
Ihana is passionate about this for a number of reasons. She shares, “It is a really straightforward family film. Compared to the other characters I have played thus far, my character and appearance are distinct. For the first time, I had a tanned appearance to fit the character. It tells the tale of a recently married couple’ s struggles in life. People can relate to this story, especially those who live in rural Punjab.”
Ihana Dhillon chose to take a break from her career after suffering a major injury more than two years ago. The Punjabi actress adds that after recovering from her accident, she opted to take a break from her profession for health concerns, purposefully opting to work on a small number of projects in a year. She also now values quality over quantity in her career! She continues, “This script just so happened to come to me, and after only one narration, I locked it and made the decision to both produce and act in it. We spent several months refining the storyline and characters, and the result is fantastic. There weren’t many difficulties encountered throughout the production because everyone knew exactly what we were shooting, and the other actors were really helpful and character-specific. By God’s grace, everything went extremely well.”
She is adamant that the audience will identify with the characters and plot. Since she is from rural Punjab herself, she could identify with this script when she first heard it. Her goal is to portray the struggles of everyday people and how they must battle the system to reclaim their property. Thus, she thinks Punjabis will enjoy this film. She has total faith in the finished outcome!
Talking about the recreation of a very famous track with a modern twist, she says, “The song lakk tunuu tunuu is a promotional track. Although it contradicts the movie’s plot, it nevertheless reinforces it! The best part about this song, in my opinion, is how the music directors updated the track while leaving the vocals same. It remains in the honourable Surjit Bindrakhia ji’s voice. The late Surjit Bindrakhia ji sang this iconic song, and it remains special. Manan Bhardwaj recreated the music of the recently released hugely popular song Arjan Vaily.”
The actress also revealed that there are really not one but too many scenes that will draw in viewers. Since the film is about to be released and she doesn’t want to ruin the surprise, she can’t give away the entire narrative! However, she thinks each character is different, and each exchange is meaningful and different. She adds, “I am working with Hardeep Grewal for the first time. He came to mind as we were writing the script for the Ginda character since he is a great fit for the role! Hardeep had been of great assistance and support. He puts forth a lot of effort and is meticulous about how his persona is portrayed. Thus, it really helped the film. He is an extremely quiet and reserved person. I also didn’t have a lot of time to interact personally because I was a producer on the sets too! However, we did talk and usually arranged our dialogues together on set. The audience would undoubtedly like that on-screen chemistry.”
We realised in our talk with the famous actress of Hate Story 4 how she usually considers the story’s overarching narrative before focusing on the contributions her character makes. She doesn’t care how big or tiny the role is; her character should matter to her! “I cherished every role I had played up until this point. However, I suppose Rani is someone I will always remember. Since I am from a village myself and have experienced the struggles Rani faces in the movie since I was a young child, I have always wanted to play a humble village girl. Thus, I truly see how I am connected to Rani. I always select music videos also that allow me to showcase my artistic abilities,” she gracefully finishes the interview.
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