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From diapers to laugh: Momfluencer making people laugh with her humorous videos

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A fountain of confidence and vitality, Yuvika Abrol serves as an inspiration to many. The influencer mom gets candid with The Pioneer, about making it big in the content creation world.
She juggles being a mother, an entrepreneur, and an influencer like a champ and makes people laugh with her comedic videos. Telling us how she’s killing it and giving us a little more background on her, we have one of the most influential mom influencers in our country that’s Yuvika Abrol.
Creating content was never her intention. It was serendipitous. To take the pictures of her daughter, she purchased a DSLR camera. Her decision to share them on Instagram resulted from her ability to capture them, and doing so introduced her to the world of content creation. Despite all the information on the internet, as a first-time mother, she felt compelled to talk to someone about her experiences and share her highs and lows. As a result, she began to network with other moms and provide content for them.
“Since I’ve always enjoyed acting, I created the page. My Instagram has changed over time, from funny photographs with funny captions to a mixture of parenting, fashion, and comedy videos. Over my career, I have worked with a number of well-known and well-liked businesses. I am a part of the Netflix sub-focus group for parents and kids. As one of the two mom influencers, I had an appearance on Colors’ main program, Khatra Khatra Khatra.  Being on multiple internet shows alongside Sunny Leone, Shruti Seth, and Nisha Rawal has increased my awareness of my place in the industry,” she shares talking of her experience of the suddenly drawing attention.
The affection and trust she gets from her audience is the one thing that drives her, and she looks at it as a major accomplishment. The thrill is incomparable when someone remembers you and compliments your work when they see you at the airport or shopping center. She is appreciative of this. She said, “Being a successful entrepreneur requires resilience and consistency. One must put in a lot of effort, make plans for the future, and keep the ideal balance in their lives. Finding the ideal balance between work and life is crucial in my opinion. On weekdays, I work from 9 to 7, and on Sundays, I take the day off to spend with my loved ones. When my sleep routine is on target, I’m eating well, and my body is in good shape, I feel more productive and active.”
She believes in maintaining a constant presence and a compelling USP that your audience can relate to. Making humorous parenting content has been her USP, making her stand out from other incredible women in the field. She believes that when someone visits your page, there ought to be a value-add that the creator may offer in the form of knowledge, amusement, or instruction. Finding that value add and working on it, she ends up saying is necessary.
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