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From forced love narrative to victim card playing; Shalin Bhanot’s Bigg Boss game REVEALED!

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Bigg Boss season 16 has proved its tagline of being different from all their previous seasons. This year Bigg Boss, the man himself is taking an active participation in the game and that has earned the show a huge momentum. A few contestants have been trying their hard to create certain narratives and go to any extent to stay in the game, but Bigg Boss has revoked their strategies by exposing the game play either directly or indirectly. After yesterday’s episode when Shalin Bhanot conveniently abused Tina Datta and her mother, here’s a small analysis we have of the actor’s narrative that he has created for the show.

Shalin Bhanot undoubtedly is a very good actor, and he has created Bigg Boss season 16’s house as an audition room. Be it the confused puppy face, extreme aggression, compulsive lying, drama over he consuming steroids, or trying to be the all composed gentleman; Shalin is performing his self made script tangibly well. The prominent one is his love angle with Tina and later when things didn’t turn out in his favor, playing the victim card… In yesterday’s episode Shalin went on to abuse Tina as well as her mother; and that made us analyze his Bigg Boss game narrative… And trust us, this brainy chap has led everyone unto a mirage of making them realize that his actions are real. Let us help you clear your air with a summarized neutral analysis.

Shalin Bhanot has been behind Tina Datta the very initial days of this season. He has been flirting with Tina and imposing this angle on her. Though Tina has been vocal that it’s too early for anything to brew romantically. She always confessed her likings towards him as a friend, and spoke to Priyanka and others too that it starts from being friends, and she’d wanna take a decision once they are outside the house. Shalin meanwhile tried his play with Soundarya Sharma too, but she didn’t budge in, so he has been playing around with Datta. Be it making a puppy face and asking Tina to forgive him or hide his actual statements in front of her. Shalin has been playing an angry hopelessly romantic Bollywood hero.

“Did she play me?” Shalin has been asking everyone and trying to create a perception that Tina used him for the game. Using repetitive speaking, Bhanot has easily feeded this narrative of Tina being the bad cop in this game. A few things turned in his favor when Salman Khan was advising Tina that because of her to and fro behavior, it looks that she is the fake person in this relationship. And there Shalin had an icing over his cake, thus he continued that angle. Be it crying on screen or expressing his emotions explicitly, Shalin has created this image of a man who has been cheated and how he is a victim.

Shalin has been told from the very beginning that his only game is Tina Datta, whereas the latter still has flavors to play around. Be it standing for the right muddas, or voicing over injustice in the house; her opinions have been strong and she has been the lone player too!! Now, digging at a few PR mechanisms to clear Shalin’s image, his mother as well as teams outside have been turning things in a way that Shalin is the one who has done things for Tina and pointing out how Datta has no game apart from him. Well, again the nasty game play!

Bigg Boss season 16 has honestly gone to rocks. Be it chauvinist men like Shalin Bhanot abusing women and bad mouthing about them, or women getting character assassinated. We wonder how the house has been towards girls in general. And in all this a room of auditions for Shalin Bhanot!!

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