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Gautam Singh Vig: I had a major burnout in the Bigg Boss house

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Actor Gautam Singh Vig was the fourth contestant to be evicted from the ongoing season of Bigg Boss. In an exclusive chat with The Pioneer, the actor shares some tidbits in context to the show.

Shikha Duggal

Bigg Boss 16 has been keeping viewers hooked with its series of shockers and twists. And now, they kick off on a happy note when the master of the house announces the extension of the season till the 12th of February 2023. But, unable to evade his eviction was Gautam Singh Vig, famously known for his deep affection for Telugu actress Soundarya Sharma, inside the house and we are hoping to see him re-enter the house anytime soon.

Before that, we quickly prated with the television personality and he shares a series of exclusive tidbits with us.

“I was in shock post my eviction from the house, didn’t anticipate an early exit like this. I was sucking up to the egress, hence kept myself away from the media for a while,” he shares.

As soon as he met Salman Khan, the megastar introduced Gautam as the Hrithik Roshan of television. All the more a compliment yet trying to build a personality of his own, the actor shares, “I think highly of Hrithik Roshan — there is an aura that one can’t look past through him. I am always compared to him due to my appearance, but I want to move forward in this industry on behalf of my inheritance and talent than in the name of an already established star. His league is way apart from mine! I think it’s for my name to be vended into the market.”

With so many accusations put up by the viewers outside on the gradient with Soundarya Sharma, Gautam clarifies, “I wasn’t playing with anyone inside the house. For a moment, I had a mental breakdown post-Karan Johar’s episode. I started to miss my family. The action, camera, and cut is missing inside the house!”

Everyone is fond of Salman Khan as a host of BB, so was Gautam who sharing his experience, he says, “He’s not terrorizing at all. As a host of the show, I am in awe of how he only chooses the right topics to speak about on ‘Weekend ka Vaar’. He will define you, and your shortcomings as a godfather. Even if, at times he was rebuking me, I still hold him in high regards. When it comes to the women of Bigg Boss house, I noticed how he doesn’t reprimand them in a way as compared to the men out there. Because Salman Khan knows how to be candid without crossing his line. He was always attentive towards the female contestants, and didn’t ever try offending them! A straightforward man, I went insane when he came inside the house.”

Truly, he is feeling tiresome outside since his innings got over too soon and many of the non-deserving contestants as mentioned in the beginning continue to evade the evictions. He mentions, “I am worthy of a re-entry like Tina Datta, but still didn’t get my closure with Soundarya. I am still in a dilemma as to what does she really feel for me. I knew Shalin Bhanot from outside, met at various parties. There was an unspoken brotherhood outside, inside the house he was not how he is outside. He’s mostly shamming for the audiences! Although, I am unable to understand how is his fakeness working in favour of him. He’s full of himself, I am going to maintain my distance with him. Moreover, he’s hiding his anger issues inside — a streak of it was seen recently with Tina.”

His love interest was character assassinated by the former Miss India runner-up, to which the ex-contestant feels disheartened about. He says, “Saddening to see a woman defaming another woman on national television. Manya Singh’s approach toward Soundarya made me uncomfortable. Shalin spoke about it too, I went nuts. He is actually extremely dumb. On the contrary, aspersing a woman is expected from him. By the grace of God, he didn’t speak all this while I was inside or else I would have not taken a second and battled with him for conducting a smear campaign against a girl. I believe in Soundarya more than any contestant in the house.”

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