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GHMC a spectator as politicos deface walls

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Politicians’ birthdays are becoming ground for flexi wars between their supporters and the GHMC remains a mute spectator. BRS politicians deface the city walls with posters and hoardings.

Manne Govardhan Reddy of the BRS has defaced the city walls, pillars and every possible inch on the occasion of his birthday by sticking posters.Posters appeared in Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Khairtabad and other prominent areas of the city. Even for the posters set up by the BJP there was hardly any action taken.

Interestingly rules only apply to citizens and businesses with the EV&DM wing of the GHMC. In the last one month, challans issued by EV&DM wing shows that they have only responded to violations of citizens but hardly of any politicians.

Official sources said that Enforcement Department officials imposed fines reportedly only on complaints received directly from the public and that there were not even tens of complaints on politicians instead of taking voluntary action.

It may be mentioned here that MA&UD Minister’s instructions have gone for toss. To end this menace of defacing, Minister KT Rama Rao has ordered the GHMC to pull down all illegal publicity material that has disfigured Hyderabad.

Harish Daga, an activist said, “This is absolute breach of Go69 where in the central enforcement team and their automatic challan system are not even imposing fine since one month. Hardly anyone is paying electronic challan even if they slap fines.

The enforcement has to come very strictly and only then people will start taking the issue seriously. But the EV&DM director is not serious about his job or challan. Mayor, CM, BRS leaders and even the GHMC have been violating rules by placing hoardings of about 15ft.”

Harish said, “Everyone should be treated like common man as per GO69 as the rule is meant for everyone. Today they might be mla, ghmc shud set a standard by taking a tough stand. In the past KTR was challaned and he paid.”

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