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‘Global healthcare issues can be solved’

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Telangana Industries Minister KT Rama Rao who is attending the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos attended a panel discussion on the Biotechnology (R) revolution.

Speaking at the panel discussion, Minister KT Rama Rao shared his thoughts on the power of the latest technologies from a biotechnology point of view and their potential to create jobs.

KTR said that technology and its power to act as a force multiplier is highly undermined and is yet to be unleashed.

“With the power of science enhanced by the latest technologies, you will have a number of solutions and it will help in better drug discovery, precision medicine and better-personalised healthcare solutions,” he said.

The Minister observed that although both technology and biology made progress, we haven’t been able to use biotechnology to tackle climate change.

“Power of industrial biotechnology to come out with resilient solutions for climate change is undermined and underestimated,” said KTR.

He explained that the government was trying to combine biology and technology, life sciences and data sciences to provide the world something better.

On job creation in the biotech sector, the Minister said that India has a very young thinkforce with 50% of the population below 27 years of age and 65% below 35 years of age. The power of youth in what they can bring in terms of disruption is hugely underestimated, said KTR.

The Minister observed that a lot of scientific labs in India are focused on papers and journals and not on real-world applications.

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