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Going for the right bed for your bedroom

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We all look forward to calling it a day while relaxing in the bedroom, whether it’s been a day filled with festivities or a long day after work. We slumber for one third of our lives at this place. Sleep is an important process that helps us be the greatest versions of ourselves, both physically and intellectually. This makes the bed a crucial piece of furniture; for your comfort and well-being, you should invest in a cosy bed that fits your preferences and demands. In order to assist you choose the greatest bed design that perfectly suits your taste, let’s break down all the criteria today.

Tejpal Singh Shekhawat, Founder & CEO, Kalyanam Furniture shares, “A bed is the focal point of the bedroom since it provides the most comfort and holds the most attention to the view. Because of this, picking a bed for your room depends on your individual needs.

Only a few bedrooms can successfully display the regal appearance of a solid wood bed, and not every modular interior would work well with a bed with a metal frame. If the bed frame does not match the aesthetic of your bedroom as a whole, the atmosphere will undoubtedly feel less warm and intimate.”

Before assuming anything, keep in mind the following points because buying a bed is an important investment:

Space and Size: Consider how much room is available and which bed size will maximise the space.
Choose a budget: This will help you focus your selections and make a more informed decision.
What’s The Point: Determine if adults, children, or elderly will use the bed. Knowing the goal will help you choose a design that is practical for the intended audience because each age group requires a distinct design and size.

Various types of beds to choose from:

Single beds: Single beds are stylish, discrete, and incredibly functional. Single beds are a wonderful investment, serving as both a lovely guest bed and the comfort throne for growing kids. A designer single bed will serve your needs while adding style to the room, whether you need beds for a guest room or your child’s room. Single beds can be used as a divan or just as additional seats to accommodate guests.

DOUBLE BEDS: A double bed would be the greatest option to have if you want to maximise the view while keeping the room looking roomy. A double bed could do wonders to increase the comfort of your bedroom if you need room to move around or if you have a little area.

KING-SIZE BEDS: They are among the most popular bed designs in India, and it is clear why. India has a rich cultural and historical heritage, hence the country values royalty very highly. There are several benefits to having a huge king size bed design; it could be that ostentatious diamond for your room or a storage master.

HYDRAULIC STORAGE BEDS:The greatest way to combine comfort and storage is with a hydraulic storage bed. Storage space is usually appreciated in India, and it is ideal to have it next to your bed so you can store your necessary bedding items separately.

BUNK BED: A bunk bed would be ideal for your heart’s cheeky monkeys. The best layout for a child’s room to strengthen the link between siblings would be a bunk bed.

POSTER BED: With a poster bed design, you may bring the elegance and comfort of bygone eras into your bedroom. The sophistication and luxury of the design are obvious. A designer poster bed is the one to have for those who want to add drama and personality to their bedroom!

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