Monday, March 4, 2024

Govt cancels Gruhalakshmi Scheme

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The Telangana government has issued orders ending the Gruhalakshmi Housing Scheme. The BRS government started the ‘Gruhalakshmi Scheme’ for the construction of houses on sites owned by beneficiaries. As per the scheme the government sanctioned 4,00,000 houses and a subsidy of Rs 3 lakh per house to provide dignified living conditions to the poor.
Accordingly, guidelines were issued for the implementation of the programme. Sanction orders were issued by Collectors to 2,12,095 beneficiaries on the online portal as per the scheme.
“The Finance and Planning Departments requested certain nodal departments to furnish scheme-wise guidelines for implementation of the ‘Abhayahastham Programme’ which includes a new Indiramma Housing Scheme,” the GO said.
The Managing Director of the Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited in his letter said that as part of implementing the six (6) Guarantees Programme a new housing programme is being launched by the Congress government to enable the poor to construct houses on their sites or on house sites provided by the government for Rs 5 lakh per house.

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