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Govt neglecting farmers who lost crop in cyclone

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Jana Sena Party (JSP) Political Affairs Committee convenor Nadendla Manohar has said that it is sad to see farmers who have lost their crops. It is ironic that the government machinery, public representatives, secretariats, Rythu Barosa Kendrams, and volunteers not meeting the farmers who lost their crop due to the cyclone.

Manohar said that for the last three years, the farmers are facing hardship as the harvest was not reaching them due to some calamity and the government is wiping its hands with partial compensation to the farmers.

The condition of of tenant farmers is very pathetic as no one is caring for them. The tenant farmers are not getting fertilisers, seeds or crop insurance. Manohar asked about National Employment Guarantee Scheme Funds, Water Board Funds and government funds. The government is neglecting the tenant farmers, forcing them to commit suicide. He said that Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has come to the rescue of the farmers as the government has left the tenant farmers to their fate and recalled that Jana Sena stood by the farmers in the past, he added.

He demanded that the government provide Rs 10,000 per acre to the farmers who lost their crops. The authorities are not found at the field level to support the farmers whose crops were lost, the authorities came to the farmers, took pictures of the crops, and gave an assurance that the farmers would get financial assistance, he criticized.

Due to such a pathetic condition, the youth are moving away from the agricultural sector, he said and alleged that the Jagan government is not paying attention to the agriculture sector despite 70% of people depending on it in the State.

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