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Govt spent Rs 1.59 lakh cr on irrigation projects

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PNS | Hyderabad

The Telangana Government spent Rs 1.59 lakh crore on irrigation projects. Under Mission Kakatiya Rs 5,249 crore was allocated for rehabilitating and strengthening chain link ponds, says data provided by the Telangana government.

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is giving high priority to farmers’ welfare by implementing farmer-friendly policies. The cultivated area increased from 1.31 crore to 2.20 crore acres in nine years.

In Telangana, paddy production increased from 68 lakh tonnes to 2.7 crore tonnes. Telangana is standing by farmers by implementing schemes like free electricity for agriculture, grain purchase, Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bhima and farm loan waiver.After the formation of Telangana, the problems of farmers have been solved. Once barren lands are now having adequate water and are sporting lush green crops.

With the leader of the TS movement, KCR, who is a farmer himself, becoming the Chief Minister, the golden era of agriculture began in Telangana. Knowing the discrimination faced by farmers and their hardships, he believed that the only way to revive agriculture was to provide irrigation facilities.

In order to fully use the waters of the Godavari and Krishna, projects like the SRSP flood canal were left incomplete so that huge projects like Kaleshwaram, Palamuru-Ranga Reddy irrigation projects could be undertaken.

The government spent Rs 1.59 lakh crore in the last nine years for the construction of irrigation projects. The Kaleshwaram Project was completed in record time. Rs 5,249 crore was spent on Mission Kakatiya to restore the chain ponds of the Kakatiya era.

Due to the attention shown by the government in 2014 the area under cultivation which was 31 lakh acres increased by 2022-23 to 2.20 crore acres. Paddy production which was only 68 lakh tonnes in 2014-15, touched a record 2.70 crore tonnes by 2022-23.

In 2014-15, the area under cotton was 41.83 lakh acres, but by 2020-21 (44.70 % growth) it increased by 18.70 lakh acres to 60.53 lakh acres. The cotton yield which was 35.83 lakh bales in 2014-15 increased to 63.97 lakh bales by 2020-21.

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