Thursday, November 30, 2023

Hamas releases footage of Israeli children held hostage during attack

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As the Israel-Hamas conflict enters the eighth day, Hamas has released a footage of Israeli children whom they claim they held hostage during the deadly attack on Southern Israel, reported The Jerusalem Post.

The Hamas group shared the video on their Telegram channel, with the caption, “Hamas fighters, showing compassion for children in the midst of the Kibbutz ‘Holit’ battles on day one of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.”

The Kibbutz Holit located in southern Israel, very close to the Gaza border, had witnessed horrific atrocities by the terrorist group Hamas during their October 7 attack on Israel.
13 Israelis were killed during the attack on Kibbutz Holit, according to The Jerusalem Post.

According to Israeli media, the children seen in the video have not been identified yet and it is unclear if their parents were killed when the children were taken away. In response, the IDF posted on its social media ‘X’, stating that the children are being held hostage in their own homes by Hamas terrorists, while their parents lie dead in the next room. “You can see their injuries, hear their cries and feel them trembling from fear as these children are held hostage in their own homes by Hamas terrorists and their parents lie there dead in the next room. These are the terrorists that we are going to defeat,” the post said.

During the attack on Kibbutz Holit, bullet-riddled buildings, burnt vehicles and shattered windowpanes are seen strewn about in the community, testimony to the suffering inflicted by the incursion. Arms and ammunition abandoned by the terrorists are also seen lying about. Israel’s defence forces equipped with military tanks are now positioned across the town after regaining control over it, following the “surprise” attack.

Visuals from Kibbutz Be’eri also show the aftermath of the atrocities carried out by Hamas terrorists who reportedly went door to door killing residents or taking them hostages.
A resident Gili said that members of his family were taken hostage by Hamas terrorists. He broke down while speaking about his sister but adds resolutely that they will “get her back.”

Meanwhile, in New York, massive images of Israeli hostages, including of babies, elderly men and women were projected on the side of the United Nations headquarters building.
In the latest update the IDF said that over 120 civilians were being held captive in Gaza by the Hamas terrorist organization.

Reportedly, 1300 people have lost their lives in the Hamas terror attacks on Israel and over 3000 have been injured, according to the IDF.

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