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Harish: Did Revanth divert Cong votes to BJP in Kodangal?

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In a heated response to Chief Minister Revanth Reddy’s accusations in Delhi, former minister and BRS MLA T Harish Rao has called Revanth’s comments bizarre and unfounded. Harish criticised Revanth’s claim that the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had colluded in the parliamentary elections. He emphasised that such statements from a person of Revanth’s stature are “irresponsible”.
Highlighting the political dynamics in Medak, Harish noted that the BRS won the majority in three out of seven Assembly constituencies. He pointed out that even in BJP MLA Raghunandan Rao’s constituency, Dubbak, the BRS secured a majority. Harish further questioned Revanth’s integrity, citing that in Revanth’s own village, Kondareddy Pally, the BJP had a majority. He rhetorically asked if Revanth himself had diverted Congress votes to the BJP. “Revanth Reddy’s own village, Kondareddy Pally, saw a BJP majority. Did Revanth himself divert Congress votes to the BJP there?” Harish questioned. Moreover, Harish highlighted that in Mahbubnagar, Revanth’s constituency, the BJP won despite the presence of Congress MLAs in all seven assembly constituencies. He questioned if Revanth had collaborated with BJP to ensure its victory. “In Mahbubnagar, a constituency represented by Revanth, the BJP won. How did this happen when Congress MLAs are present in all seven Assembly constituencies?” Harish asked. “Did all these Congress members work together to help the BJP win?” Harish also mentioned Revanth’s victory in Kodangal with a 32,000 majority, contrasting it with the Congress candidate’s 21,000 majority in the parliamentary elections. He insinuated that Revanth might have diverted the remaining votes to the BJP. “In Kodangal, Revanth won with a 32,000 majority, but the Congress candidate only managed a 21,000 majority in the parliamentary elections. Did Revanth divert the remaining votes to the BJP?” Harish inquired.
 Harish did not stop there. He pointed out that the BJP’s significant win in Malkajgiri, where Revanth had previously represented, raises questions about possible collusion. He accused Revanth of implementing the BJP agenda while being in the Congress party, referencing Revanth’s controversial remarks about Prime Minister Modi and alleged attempts to privatise Singareni with Modi’s collaboration.
 “How did the BJP achieve a massive majority in Malkajgiri, an area previously represented by Revanth? Is Congress helping the BJP there?” Harish asked. “Revanth has joined hands with the BJP and Modi, working on their agenda while being in the Congress party. He even referred to Modi as ‘Pedanna’ (elder brother) in a full assembly.”
Harish also accused Revanth of colluding with Modi to privatize Singareni and failing to hold the Modi government accountable for unfulfilled promises during the division. He expressed that both national parties, Congress and BJP, are targeting the regional strength of BRS together.

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