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Harish sparks row on how Cong brass insulted PVN

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Former Minister T. Harish Rao stirred a hornets’ nest again on Saturday regarding former Prime Minister, the late PV Narasimha Rao, in the Assembly. Lashing out at the Congress government, he said that the Congress high command did not attend even the cremation of PV Narasimha Rao.
Countering Harish’s comments, the lone Congress MLC, T. Jeevan Reddy, said that PVN was a Congressman.
“I am surprised that Harish showered love on PVN. PVN was Chief Minister and Prime Minister. No matter what post PVN held he brought laurels to that. PVN’s family requested to conduct his cremation in Hyderabad and it was conducted with all honours. It is painful that BRS leaders are criticising now,” Jeevan said.
Meanwhile, BRS MLCs Surabhi Vani Devi and Deshpathi Srinivas condemned Jeevan’s comments. In a statement, PVN’s daughter BRS MLC Surabhi Vani Devi said that it is not true that PVN’s body was brought to Hyderabad at the insistence of his family.
“We are surprised to hear Jeevan Reddy’s statement in the media about PVN. It is not true that PVN’s body was brought to Hyderabad at the insistence of his family. On the contrary, the family continuously opposed it. The body was brought to Hyderabad against the wishes of the family as per the instructions of Congress bigwigs who promised to build a memorial for PVN in New Delhi. It is a matter of public knowledge that no memorial came up either in Delhi or in Hyderabad. There is no need to rake up this issue now and reopen old wounds. By doing this Jeevan has brought back the trauma the family went through then,” Vani Devi said.
Condemning the comments against Harish, Deshpathi Srinivas asked Jeevan to reveal what is wrong if Harish spoke about the injustice done to PVN by the Congress high command. He said that Harish had explained how the Congress brass insulted PVN and thereby Telangana.
“We are not saying that PVN was not a Congressman. However, the Congress high command did not recognize PVN as a Congressman. PVN’s cremation was held in a demeaning manner. All late Congress PMs have memorials in New Delhi. Why didn’t the Congress high command build a memorial for Telangana’s son PVN in New Delhi? KCR conducted PVN’s centenary celebrations on a grand note in Telangana. Did any Congress leader ask their high command about it?” he said.
Deshpathi said that Jeevan is thinking that he will get a minister post if he criticises Harish. Jeevan has the right to become a Minister as a senior Congress leader. Many Congress leaders changed their party but Jeevan did not. For that alone, Jeevan must be given a Minister post, he said.

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