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Have 90 candidates?

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BRS leaders have mocked ‘BJP Mission 90: Telangana 2023’ statement. Agriculture Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy said, “Yesterday, a BJP leader said that they will win 90 seats in Telangana. First of all, do they have 90 candidates? Have you built a single project anywhere in the 18 states you rule?”

Addressing a gathering at Dubbaka along with Health Minister Harish Rao he said that the BJP’s experiments in Telangana will not go on.BJP’s ‘Mission-90 in Telangana’ was chalked out at a meeting of party full-timers, conveners, Vistaraks, Palaks and Prabahris that was held here for two days and concluded on Thursday.

Niranjan said that once again a BRS government will come to power in Telangana and will solve all remaining problems.“BJP leader BL Santosh says that BRS will not get even 30 seats. Is there any conspiracy to buy MLAs again in Telangana? We worship the cow as a cow, but the BJP has a history of using it for politics. You have a history of using soldiers and cows for politics,” Harish said.

The number 90 in ‘BJP Mission 90: Telangana 2023’ refers to Assembly seats out of the 119 seats that the saffron party aims to win to gain power in Telangana in next year’s polls. The BJP is confident of winning or giving a tough fight in 45 seats.

Harish said that the Joinings Committee of BJP is an attempt to divide opposition parties by threatening them. The Health Minister said that the BJP will do anything for sentiment.

Harish said, “The BJP will do anything for votes. The BJP is a party that threatens other parties. Tell me one good thing done by the BJP except for hiking prices. So far, not a single rupee has been paid through Jan Dhan Yojana.

They didn’t give the crores of jobs promised by them.The BJP has done nothing but destroy existing jobs and “sell” public sector enterprises.People can no longer be deceived by the BJP’s lies.” BRS leaders demanded that BJP leaders should explain what they did for commoners during the last eight years.

Harish said the credit of giving pensions to beedi workers for the first time in the country belongs to the BRS government.He said that the BJP never made any attempt to help farmers except to push them into crisis with its anti-farmer policies.The Minister said that they are giving Rythu Bandhu, 24X7 power supply and have taken several other measures to help the farming community.

“The Centre won’t build projects. If we build them, they try to lock them. No one can stop Rythu Bandhu. In the 10th phase, Rythu Bandhu has already reached 42 lakh acres. All of us have to stand behind KCR and support him,” Niranjan Reddy said.

Ministers Niranjan Reddy, Ajay Kumar Medak, Kotha Prabhakar Reddy, RTC Chairman Bajireddy Govardhan Reddy, public representatives, officials and others attended the programme.

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