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Healthy drinks for you to kickstart 2023

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It’s been a while since you started your new year 2023. With the first month of the year passing by, you sure are on track to inching closer to your set goals for the year. If health was a part of your resolutions, you must have tracked your diet intake and how many times a week you will be hitting the gym. While preparing power smoothies and maintaining a lean, high-protein diet can be fun most days, you might want someone else to take the reins from you.

Ideal after a quick jog or following a muscle-blazing session at the gym, here are some healthy drinks that will help you keep your 2023 power packed.

Ravishing Red
The Ravishing Red mocktail is crafted beautifully with the base of beetroot juice infused with a citrus twist. The carrot and apple further add to the peculiarity of the taste and are a great refreshment to cleanse your palate.

Pink Grenade
A drink you cannot miss out on to start your day with! As the name says, this pink smoothie blasts flavours of muscat pomegranate, forest berries, banana, and yogurt beautifully blended to be clubbed with a satiating plate of breakfast.

Kale, Spinach and Banana Dairy-Free Smoothie
If you are vegan or don’t like the dairy version of smoothies, the creamy smoothie made with soy milk is packed with the goodness of kale and spinach for the instant punch of freshness.

Green Smoothie
For those fond of leafy greens in their smoothies, the green smoothie is the one to go for. Packed with a healthy blend of fruits, dates, and leafy green veggies, the rich green smoothie will keep you filled for a long time.

Berry Good Morning Smoothie
Packed with berries, banana, coconut, and yogurt and then topped with chia seeds and almonds, is a refreshing and healthy combination of fruit and yogurt and super easy to make!

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