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Helpline for plaints on water contamination in Guntur city

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Health Minister Vidadala Rajini has stressed the need for heightened vigilance among officials regarding individuals experiencing illness from drinking water in Guntur city until the situation is fully controlled. She underscored the importance of efficient operation of the control room established under the Medical and Health Department’s auspices, along with the initiation of a helpline at 8341396104. Following numerous cases of vomiting and diarrhoea reported at Guntur GGH, Minister Rajini convened a review meeting with the Collector and department heads on Sunday.
During the meeting, Minister Rajini highlighted ongoing efforts to investigate the root causes of these health issues, noting the appointment of a five-member committee for this purpose.
She reiterated the importance of the control room’s effective functioning and the newly launched helpline, urging residents to be aware that water tankers are supplying fresh water to affected areas. The Minister urged individuals experiencing symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea to contact the helpline at 8341396104, available round-the-clock for medical assistance.
Additionally, Minister Rajini informed that water samples from suspected areas have been collected for testing. She clarified that the affected cases are dispersed across the city, with the situation under control since morning, and no new cases reported. Urgent measures are being implemented in affected areas, with plans to enhance round-the-clock medical services at all UPHCs in the city. Minister Rajini announced another review meeting at the Collectorate on Monday with senior Medical and Health Department officials, reiterating the continuation of the state of emergency until the situation stabilizes.
Addressing opposition parties, the Minister cautioned against politicizing the situation and criticized their dissemination of misinformation regarding the diarrhoea outbreak. She emphasized the importance of awaiting confirmed test results before labelling cases as diarrhoea, citing the 2018 outbreak during the Telugu Desam regime, which resulted in 24 deaths and affected 2400 individuals due to alleged negligence.
Present at the review meeting were Guntur Collector Venugopal Reddy, Mayor Kavati Manohar Naidu, Commissioner Keerthi Chekuri, DM&HO Vijayalakshmi, GGH Superintendent Dr. Y Kiran Kumar, and other officials.

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