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Hemp seed, eladi fusion for healthy, glowing skin

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Perfectly blended Eladi and Hemp Seed, loaded with natural goodness, act as a beauty panacea by relaxing, reviving, and brightening the skin’s innermost layers. Together, these magical Ayurvedic components improve the skin’s texture and give it a natural sheen.

Hemp seed is beneficial for the skin when used both internally and externally. It has nourishing and hydrating effects on the skin. Additionally, it is safe for all skin types, including facial skin.

Eladi Oil is a rejuvenation oil that hydrates, nourishes, and fights inflammation. Commonly known as Eladi Thailam or Eladi Keram, it is frequently used by Ayurvedic practitioners to treat various skin conditions. It is prepared from 26 ayurvedic components and infused with sesame or coconut oil. To manage the inflamed vata, you can apply it to your face or entire body.

Shreedha Singh, co-founder T.A.C – The Ayurveda Co. shares some beauty benefits of hemp seed and eladi respectively.

Beauty benefits of hemp seed

Many of the components in hemp oil have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp seed oil is rich in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties, especially when ingested. Because of this, the carrier oil is effective in treating skin inflammations like psoriasis.

Treats eczema
Atopic dermatitis, often known as eczema, is a persistent skin inflammation. Anti-inflammatory medication can control eczema flare-ups even though the condition cannot be permanently addressed. Hemp seed oil’s balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may help alleviate the signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis, according to anecdotal evidence.

Ideal for oily skin
When used on oily skin, hemp seed oil can offer additional advantages. Its non-comedogenic properties give your skin the best possible hydration without clogging your skin pores. Additionally, it regulates the overproduction of oil and keeps your oily skin from being greasy during the day; this aids in preventing acne issues.

Prevents dryness
Hemp seed oil is a humectant that draws and holds moisture for dry skin. Because it contains essential fatty acids, it hydrates and revitalises dry skin while also preventing common dry skin symptoms like flaking and itching. Additionally, it can strengthen the skin barrier, lessen transepidermal water loss, and lower your skin’s vulnerability to pathogen attacks.

Treat acne
Three of the primary factors contributing to acne’s pathogenesis can be controlled by hemp oil. These include bacterial infection, irritation, and abundant sebum. This oil helps prevent oil production on your face, reducing the likelihood of pore-clogging and the subsequent appearance of blackheads and whiteheads.

Delays ageing
Although premature skin ageing is a natural process, certain harmful factors, such as oxidative stress from excessive sun exposure, dehydration, and pollution, can hasten the process. Hemp seed oil is thought to slow the ageing of the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and reducing free radical damage to skin cells.

Beauty benefits of Eladi

Detoxifies the skin
Eladi Thailam balances all three doshas, making it an excellent herbal oil for treating most acute and chronic skin conditions. It detoxifies the skin by removing impurities and excess sebum. Additionally, it helps alleviate skin eruptions, redness, and sunburns, making it a therapeutic herb for sun protection.

Reduces acne and scars
Eladi herbs also help lighten acne scars and prevent new acne with regular use in daily skincare because of their exfoliating properties.

Enhances radiance
Eladi, when used with other skin-healing and glow-boosting herbs like neem and raspberry, can aid in regaining moisture, maintaining oil-free skin, blocking damaging UVA and UVB rays, and enhancing skin brightness.

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