Thursday, May 30, 2024

Hero Heeroine  to be shot in 35 diverse locations!

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Prerna Arora’s upcoming film, Hero Heeroine, is set to commence shooting from 10th June in Hyderabad, marking an exciting new chapter in cinematic exploration. The entire production team and technicians have already arrived in Hyderabad and are actively engaged in location scouting.
The film promises to showcase unusual and unexplored locations that will offer a fresh and captivating experience for audiences. Ramoji Film City, will play a pivotal role in the narrative, serving as a backdrop for key sequences.
With a total of 35 diverse locations, including outdoor spots and real settings, Hero Heeroine is set to capture the essence of various cultures. To authentically depict Bihar’s ambiance, a dedicated set is being constructed within Ramoji Film City, where local dances will be recorded and choreographed. Adding to the film’s creative flair, a fusion song blending modern and traditional dance styles is in development under the supervision of Divya Khossla. The cinematography will be elevated using cutting-edge equipment such as Alexa LF and Sony Venice cameras paired with Signature Prime lenses, alongside advanced lighting setups like the Sky Panel X. To ensure authenticity and linguistic accuracy, the actors are undergoing rigorous language training in Telugu to master their dialogues. Additionally, an esteemed acting studio in Hyderabad will collaborate with the production, incorporating its students and professors into the project and serving
as a workshop hub for actors. 

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