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History in the making with Auroshikha’s Lomad

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Actress Auroshikha Dey, who will next star in Lomad, the world’s first black-and-white single-take feature film, gets candid with The Pioneer about getting on board for the project, some interesting tidbits while working on the project, and more.

K. Ramya Sree

Actress Auroshikha Dey, who was previously seen in films like Nushrratt Bharuccha starrer Chatrapathi, The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi, and Charlie Ke chakkar Mein to name a few, apart from a few web series, will next star in Lomad, world’s first black and white single take feature film! The description of Lomad, directed by Hemwant Tiwari, itself sounds intriguing, and working on such a project must be even more exciting as this is a first-its-kind project in the whole world, and that too coming from India makes all of us even proud.

Auroshikha feels even more proud about working on this project because the movie has already won several critical accolades at film festivals as it has been the official selection at film festivals like Chigaco South Asian Film Festival 2021, Boston International Film Festival, International Film Festival of Melbourne 2021, One Take Film Festival 2021 to name a few.

The movie is all set to release in theatres on August 4.

Speaking with The Pioneer ahead of the film’s release, Auroshikha shared, “I have worked with Hemwant Tiwari early as well, for a short film name Salam, which was written and directed by him. When he shared the idea of Lomad with me, I was amazed and the treat.

But it was all at a very nasal stage. Finally, when he narrated the entire story of the film, I promptly decided to be a part of this magical journey because I knew we are going to create history.”

Sharing with us in detail how she landed on this project, she said, “While I was working with earlier, he shared the idea of Lomad with me. Later, he narrated the entire story. I decided at the very moment to be a part of it. So I did not abstain myself from sharing the same with him and that’s how the journey of Lomad began. My director had an exceptional vision and this is definitely an incredible journey.”

Before going on sets, Auroshikha spilled the beans that the entire cast and crew have rehearsed for six months. “Being a one-take film, we had to do a lot of practice for the final take. It’s just not about the dialogues, but the light that you need to catch and the camera angle to focus on as you jump from one scene to another flawlessly and with no cuts and no edit,” she said.

The film as well as Auroshikha’s role comes with many layers and the actress is excited to see the audience’s reaction to put the interplay of my role with other characters and the entire storyline. This, of course, is her first time acting in such a project. Sharing with us her experience working in India’s first black-and-white single-take movie and how different is it from theatre, she said, “It was definitely intriguing. I was part of theatre during my acting course in FTII but making the same in a film format is definitely something new. The only difference is that you have to be In sync with the camera and the space because if you forget your lines you can improvise, but if you don’t come at the right spot, you miss the camera and you start from the top again. So everyone needs to truly work as one.”

While we’ve told you enough about the technicalities of the Lomad, we were curious to know the theme of Lomad and to this, she responded, “The theme is everyone has a stranger within them with sometimes come out at an unknown place and at an unusual time. We are trying to create history by making words first black and white single-take feature film and hoping to take you on a magical journey that you won’t forget.”

Furthermore, we asked her about her character in Lomad, and without revealing much, Auroshikha has only one thing to say about her character and that is: “An interesting character.” She doesn’t want to be a spoiler by revealing details about her character as she wants the audience to enjoy the film and her character truly in theatres.

Her training in acting from FTII played an integral role in her evolution as an actor and helped her to grow as a more versatile, confident, and informed performer. “My journey started with dancing. It was during my graduation year in Mount Carmel. Bangalore. I got a taste of acting in the dramatic society and I haven’t left it since. After which FTII happened and the rest, as they say, is history,” she shared about her journey.

As mature as her performance is, so is she the same in real life too because in this whole interview, she has been very composed that we were just in awe of her. On the work front, her next is a web series with MX Player, directed by Raj Amit Kumar, and an international feature film name The Shameless directed by Konstantin Bojanov.

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