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Holi colours harmful for furry friends

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Hyderabad is gearing up for the vibrant, colourful Holi celebrations by preparing and selling various Holi colours, pichkaris, flowers etc to the people. Holi denotes adding colours to the lives and spreading happiness to the people. However, it is not the same for our beloved furry friends.
Traditional Holi celebrations often involve the use of powdered colours which may be harmful to animals if ingested or comes into contact with the animal’s eyes or skin as per the Humane Society International/India, an animal protection organization.
Keren Nazareth, senior director of the Companion Animals and Engagement department said, “As we celebrate the vibrant festival of Holi, let us remember that our joy should not come at the expense of our animal companions. Holi can be fun for everyone, when played responsibly. Resident societies and people who organise their Holi celebrations in a way that does not harm any community animal are great examples – ensuring that no animals are coloured for fun and keeping celebrations in areas which are away from ones that community animals tend to use. Going a step further, it is the responsibility of every citizen to discourage unruly play that can traumatise animals. Together, let’s create a Holi that is not only colorful but also considerate of our furry and feathered friends.”
He also said that animals don’t enjoy being covered with coloured water or powder. The colours typically used to play Holi are synthetic dyes containing ingredients that are potentially toxic and can lead to skin allergies and even blindness in humans and animals.
The dry powder contains lead which can build up in the body as a poison. Inhaling the powder may cause nasal irritation and even respiratory infection. Dogs and other animals also tend to lick their body to clean themselves, unwittingly ingesting the Holi colours and very often this becomes the chief source of poisoning.
Also, one should use Holi as an opportunity to teach children about animal care so that their excitement doesn’t accidentally cause distress to animals. If your pet or community dog does become dyed with Holi colours, gently wash them with a mild dog/pet shampoo.

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