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‘Hope’ at the core of Shriya’s character in Taaza Khabar

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Shriya Pilgaonkar and Bhuvan Bam starrer Taaza Khabar is one of the most awaited series that would premiere in January 2023. The Pioneer connects with the lead actress, who plays the character of a sex worker, and shares some exclusive insights about the series.

Shikha Duggal

No cringe-worthy scenes, the upcoming and most awaited series, Taaza Khabar starring Bhuvan Bam and Shriya Pilgaonkar is high on realism and certainly got it right on jutting out the character of a sex worker. The character of Shriya selects a potential mate in Bhuvan and it’s no recurring theme of a romantic novel but totally pragmatic.

To know in every way on treading a new path, we scheduled an exclusive chat with the emerging OTT fame and here are the morses of information.“It was very important for me to shift my genre after the success of Guilty Minds — including my appearance, everything was a new switch for me when Taaza Khabar’s production approached me.

When one hears of a sex worker, organically, viewers assume a momentous proceeding but what’s unique about it is that there are comical aspects too. What really made me say a “yes” to my character Madhu was when we don’t lay focus on her brothel life but how is she blossoming as a woman due to that “experience.” That resonated with me! You won’t see any cliched hardships being thrown on her, she hasn’t become cynical yet.

All I wanted was to play the character with utmost approbation. In fact, even Bhuvan’s role is of a manager of a toilet — the aspects were way too interesting for us in Taaza Khabar. Most importantly, I never have the habit of surmising my roles because I like truthfulness to it!”

She didn’t even find the need to take any sort of inferences from any previous actors, solely sticking to the sincerity of her upcoming path-breaking role. She continued, “It wasn’t more about her profession at all. For my personal candour, I read anonymous accounts of hookers to understand their disposition. I had no interest in knowing why’s of it, I was interested in knowing how are they still hopeful about their ongoing lives. That’s where we draw the difference for my role! Further in the series, you’ll see my character opening a fashion label for herself: that’s the definition of hope.”

Living life on likeness, humour and be protective of near and dear ones is exactly how Shriya is also in her real life: a woman of pride. And, even in the real world, the actress was free of judgements which she explains, “Not one person objected to me playing the role of a prostitute because all of them suggested it’s not a humiliating profession anymore. I belong to the family of Sachin and Supriya Pilgaonkar — they are the supreme oracles of inspiration for many and both of them rated the script of Taaza Khabar way too highly. They asked me to go all out and scout as much as I can! From then on, started rigorously working on my body language and dialects. Having said that, I didn’t want to be typecast either and not continue to be an OTT fame “only”.”

Sharing her camaraderie with the newcomer in her arena, a YouTuber turned actor Bhuvan Bam, she comes out with interesting details, “Yes, he did confide in me about his recent tragic moments that happened in his life, that’s how we built our connect on the sets of Taaza Khabar. “Confiding” is the keyword here, and in spite of being the number one YouTuber in the country — he still was so undemanding on the sets.

It was my first time meeting him and Bhuvan came across as very logical to me. Didn’t seem like he’s a layman at all, instead, his rawness was complimenting me so better! He was a good influence on me: he made a brand for himself. From YouTube to owning a production house of his own, commendable. He was taking ownership of his character so well on the sets, he turns into a gangster and it was believable. That’s about it.”

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