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Housing Dept officials bid farewell to Bharat Gupta

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Ajay Jain, Special Chief Secretary to Government Housing Department, has instructed the Housing Department officials to work together and ensure to complete the construction of houses on time under the ‘Navaratnalu Pedalaku Illu’ scheme. He made it clear that only when the officials work together with the coordination of the staff, it will be possible to achieve the goals set by the government.

On Friday, the employees bid farewell to Dr. Narayana Bharat Gupta, who worked as the Managing Director of the Housing Department and transferred to the Chief Minister’s Office.

During the meeting, Ajay Jain said that Bharat Gupta has worked with dedication to complete the construction of large-scale houses and has always been available and given the necessary advice and instructions to complete the constructions on time.

Lakshmi Sha, Managing Director of Housing, said that Bharat Gupta will put in his best efforts wherever he works, and he asked every official and employee to emulate him.

Narayana Bharat Gupta, Joint Secretary to CM, said that the construction of houses is a massive government scheme and is progressing due to the coordination of the employees and officials working in the Housing Department.

Joint Managing Director of the Housing Company M Siva Prasad, Chief Engineer GV Prasad, officers, and employees of the Housing Department were present.

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