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Husband, accomplices arrested for murdering woman

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The police cracked the mystery behind the murder of Bathina Saranya and arrested her husband, who happened to be the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) constable and seven of his accomplices.

The constable, identified as Syed Ziya-Ul-Haq, loved Saranya and married her in 2013. Later, he later started having extramarital affair with a woman. When Sarnya confronted him over the extramarital affair, the constable exerted pressure on her to leave. When she refused to divorce him, the constable decided to get rid of his wife. The couple has a daughter. Sravani used to work as a receptionist at a private hospital.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Sudhi Kekhan said that the constable hired contract killers for Rs 9 lakh to murder his wife. The contact killers murder Saranya on August 10 and fled. The police, based on a complaint by the woman’s relatives, registered a complaint. The investigation led to the arrest of the contract killers, he said. All the nine contract killers were arrested, he said. Earlier, the police also registered a case against the constable for harassing Saranya.

The arrested are the CISF constable, Chanragiri Sai Kumar, D Raj Kumar, Shiva, Pallikonda Anil Kumar, Vemula Sai, Amer Gouri and P Shivakrishna.

The police on suspicion took the constable into custody and interrogated him. The constable, the DCP said, had confessed to hiring the gang to kill his wife. He also admitted to having paid Rs 1.5 lakh as advance to the contact killers.

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