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Hyderabad 3rd safest city of India 2022: Book released

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The crime in Telangana-2022 book has been released on Tuesday by Director General of Police Ravi Gupta. The book was compiled under the supervision of Mahesh M Bhagwat, Addl. DGP, CID. In year 2022, as per NCRB’s Crime in India 2022 report, Hyderabad ranked the third safest city of India 2022 after Kolkata and Pune with least number of cognizable offences per lakh population.
In the effort to serve as a repository of crime-related information, the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) was established under Crime Investigation Department (CID). Over the years SCRB has placed a crucial role in assisting investigation in linking crime to their perpetrators. Maintenance of Crime statistics is main duty charter of SCRB.
Crime in Telangana 2022 published by SCRB, CID, Telangana is the first of its attempt after the formation of Telangana State in 2014.
Such valuable information not only aids law enforcement authorities in crafting effective strategies for crime prevention but also serves as a catalyst for informed discussions and debates on matters of public safety. The commitment to transparency and the proactive sharing of crime statistics are commendable, as they empower various stakeholders, including policymakers, administrator, researchers, media, NGOs and the general public to contribute meaningfully to the discourse on crime and safety.
When compared to the year 2021, during the year 2022, cyber crime has increased by 48.47%, economic offences have increased by 41.37% and the crimes relating to cheating have increased by 43.30%, while property offences, economic offences, cyber crime and crime against women have caught the attention of general public.
The Telangana Police are paying special attention to investigation and prosecution. Their special emphasis on optimum utilisation of scientific tools, forensic science, cyber technology and ensure high quality digital evidence to secure more convictions in the year 2022.
With the installation of 1,74,205 CCTV cameras during the year 2022, the total number of CCTV cameras functioning in Telangana State has now increased to 10,25,849 and due to that 18,234 cases were detected during the year 2022. The conventional crime is dominated by cyber crime and white collar offences.
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