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‘I aim to craft music that keeps listeners on their toes’

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Singer-composer Vedala Hemchandra has come up with a new independent song, Rawa Rawa, a cute, conversational retro song. The Pioneer conversed with the musician to learn more about the song, what went into making it, and more.
K. Ramya Sree
Singer Vedala Hemachandra needs no introduction among the Telugu families. From a very young age, the singer has garnered a lot of love from the Telugu-speaking states, thanks to his powerful voice and charming persona. Not just music, but his dubbing skills too have been widely appreciated! He is the voice behind many big actors like Arvind Swamy, Jisshu Sengupta, and the very latest and biggest, Ajay Devgn.
He is now on a spree to make independent music. He recently released Rawa Rawa, a mandolin song, which Hemachandra says will give retro vibes to the audience, both in the audio and the video. We called the singer to discuss more about this latest track, and he began by sharing, “The creation of Rawa Rawa was a journey full of unexpected twists and turns. Initially, I had submitted a different version of the song to Hyundai and Universal Music. However, I felt compelled to revisit the concept and create a new song. Thanks to them for giving me an extra day to change the tune. The idea for Rawa Rawa came to me during a relaxed jam session with a mandolin instrument. As we played popular mandolin tunes like Tuje Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam, I saw the potential for incorporating this instrument into a new song. I envisioned a retro-inspired track that captured the essence of a sweet conversation between a couple, with a unique proposal twist. This evolved into a retro-themed surprise party where the protagonist nostalgically proposes to his partner. The song will remind people of their roots.”
He informed us that Rawa Rawa was created as a fusion of retro vibes with a fresh sound, inspired by the charm of classic mandolin melodies.
The Dosti singer said that he wanted this song to be like a conversational one and not a storytelling song. When we heard the song, the lyrics had very commonly used words, and it made us feel very colloquial and conversational.
Asked how he tackled the storyline of one character attempting to make an impression on the other character in Rawa Rawa and the retro theme to match the present generation’s imaginations, he answered, “I find it adorable when one person puts in a lot of effort and the other plays hard to get—it adds a charming dynamic to the relationship. It’s like a blend of retro and modern styles, where one person is earnestly trying and the other adds a touch of mystery and challenge. That push and pull, that “playing hard to get” vibe—it just makes the whole thing feel even sweeter. It’s like a vintage romance brought to life in a modern context, and that contrast is incredibly endearing.”
On the work front, the singer-composer says he is thrilled to unveil a series of Indie tracks, each boasting fascinating collaborations and captivating tunes. “I aim to craft music that keeps listeners on their toes, making it impossible for them to predict what’s coming next,” expressed the Indie talent.
Furthermore, speaking about his aspirations for what his listeners will glean from the song both in terms of composition and thematic content, he expressed, “Rawa Rawa aims to evoke a deep sense of nostalgia and connection to our roots, much like the comforting embrace of our mother’s cooking. It serves as a nostalgic anchor, transporting listeners back to simpler times and tapping into the timeless essence of retro music. Amidst the ever-changing landscape of modern trends, there’s an enduring yearning to revisit the classics that shaped our generation. It seeks to fulfil this desire by offering a journey back to our childhood, celebrating the music that resonates deeply within us and continues to influence our lives.”
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