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‘I believe in characters, not actors’

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Director-writer Palnati Surya Pratap, along with the team of 18 Pages, is all set for the film to hit the theatres on December 23. During a recent interaction with the Hyderabadi media, Surya Pratap opens up about returning back to the big screens as a director, and some insights about the film.

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Director-writer Palnati Surya Pratap, known for his films like Current and Kumari 21F, is now coming up with a feel-good love story (18 pages) starring Nikhil Siddhartha and Anupama Parameswaran in the lead roles.This film is the director’s most-awaited film as it has a story from his guru, Sukumar. The director had taken ample time to develop the story.

GA2 Pictures and Sukumar Writings have come together to produce this film, which is slated for a grand theatrical release this Friday.Surya Pratap had taken almost 7 years to return to the big screen as a director. “After my first movie, Current, I joined Sukumar’s team. New things opened up for me. I started enjoying writing. Meanwhile, someone came to me with Kumari 21F, and it was a hit. After that, I developed stories for three films.

But meanwhile, Rangasthalam and Pushpa happened, and you all know what big hits those films were. I felt I needed to focus more on my writing. That’s why I didn’t look at the direction aspect. I was mostly associated with Sukumar Garu in all his films. While travelling with him, I learned a lot of things. Now I won’t give big gaps between my films,” he said while interacting with the media on Tuesday.

Both of his previous films as a director touched on sensitive topics. Going by the trailer of 18 Pages, it seems like even this film has an in-depth message to convey.Asked the reason for directing this film, Surya Pratap, who was also the screenwriter for Pushpa and Rangasthalam, said, “To touch sensitive ideas, the story should first touch our inner selves.

The speciality of this film is that we will get involved with the characters. We will feel the interactions that happen between those characters.There is a sensible feel to a love story. Sukumar Garu wrote this for himself to direct. I developed the idea later on, and he liked it. This film has many emotions.There are scenes where the audience will question themselves. There are elements of fun, feel connectivity, and thrill. By the end, one will surely remember the film.”

He also quipped during the press conference that 18 Pages will have a happy ending. It has music by Gopi Sundar.Meanwhile, we also asked him if Nikhil and Anupama were his first choices for the film, and to this, he chose a diplomatic way to answer. He said, “I believe in characters, not actors. While we write a script, we study the character’s behaviour, body language, and more. While I was searching for my characters, Nikhil fit in perfectly. I wanted the girl to be very organic, and Anupama donned the role with so much grace and perfection.”

Furthermore, he also spilt the beans that his next film will be realistic; it will discuss what happens in our daily lives.On the work front, he has four stories lined up.Giving more details, he informed, “My next is mostly with Mythri. I have a commitment with Sithara too. However, I will take up the project, whichever begins first. I have four stories overall.”

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