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‘I can not watch anything related to drug use on the screen’

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Adivi Sesh starrer HIT-2: The Second Case will be hitting the theaters today. Just before the release of the film, the actor opens up about his association with Natural Star Nani, him being at ease mentally playing the character, and much more.

Amartya Smaran

Adivi Sesh’s HIT-2: The Second Case is now playing at the theatres and the film has gained a cult-like following among crime genre fans. All thanks to the first instalment of the franchise, HIT: The First Case, starring Vishwak Sen for setting up a solid foundation for the sequel.Bankrolled by Wall Poster Cinema and Directed by Sailesh Kolanu, HIT-2: The Second Case follows the story of a cop named Krishna Dev(K.D) whose goal is to crack down on a complex case involving a serial killer.

On many occasions, Adivi Sesh mentioned that he was never really too keen to be a part of the sequel, as he thought he’d be snatching away a great project from fellow actor Vishwak Sen. However, when the thought of creating a HIT-verse (universe of HIT characters) came into picture, the Kshanam actor immediately signed up for the project.

During a recent press meet, the Major actor chewed the fat regarding the preparation that went into playing Krishna Dev.

The Goodachari actor also spoke about his wonderful association with Natural Star Nani. “I have said this many times that Nani is my favourite actor. The best thing about him is that he can sense the insecurities of the actors and he kind of knows what is happening inside your head. He’s super experienced and it’s been wonderful associating with him. More than anything, he’s been a great producer. That’s all I can say,” expressed Sesh.

Speaking of his character in the movie, the actor said he felt mentally at ease. Wait! But it’s an intense mystery film. How could one feel mentally at peace you ask? This is what the stud had to say about it, “For Major, my responsibility was to get everybody’s approval including that of the army’s. Therefore, I carried a lot of emotional responsibility there.

When  it comes to HIT-2, I didn’t have to worry about all that. My only goal was to contribute the best to the project and be a part of a good film. Luckily, we started shooting for HIT-2 towards the end of Major’s last schedule.”

After wrapping up a film like Major that deals with 26/11 attacks, making a segue into a franchise like HIT might have surely felt like a stress buster for Sesh, but he shared with us that the subject matter certainly did have an impact on him. “I am a very hopeful person in general and I always want the good to win over evil. Most of  them are not aware of this, but to date I never dared to watch Breaking bad because of its subject matter. I can’t watch anything related to drug use on the screen because I am super sensitive to it and I usually tend to have a bad physical reaction afterwards.The last horror film that I watched was the ring. So, no matter how the dark the subject matter of HIT-2 is, ultimately it is all about hope. It’s about good winning over evil.”

The film deals with another angle that’s very much relevant in today’s time, “What are women in our society?” Replying to the same, The Panjaa actor remarked, “We were really careful while addressing the issue of the role that women play in our society. In the climax of the film, this plays a crucial role. Our intention was never to glorify and exploit any murder, it’s just driving point in the story. Another interesting thing is that you have Krishna Dev’s point of view and the killer’s point of view clashing against each other.

Except for those scenes, I was generally okay. The scenes that involved something gruesome and ghastly, it’d take a lot of me.”  Prior to the release of HIT-2, many trade analysts have predicted that the movie would be a sure shot blockbuster. Will it be able to reach the expectations of the audience? This weekend will decide the fate of the film. 

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