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‘I couldn’t have created a mess on Temptation Island India, for the sake of fame’

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Actress Ruma Sharma, who was recently seen embarking on a new journey with the first season of Temptation Island India, gets candid with The Pioneer sharing her experience,
discovering her strengths and weaknesses through the show, and more.
The first season of Temptation Island India reached its final destination with an entertaining finale after six weeks. With the hosts Karan Kundrra and Mouni Roy, the grand finale witnessed a dramatic turn of events in the last two episodes!
For all that, we have one of the apparent tempters from the season—Ruma Sharma, an established actress who has already unfolded the emotional confrontations and surprising revelations about the first season to us. Sharing her experience, she said, “For the first time, a thus far popular international show was being made in our country too, and I was one of the few and earliest contestants to be approached; I couldn’t have turned down the offer. I know it for a fact: the amount of DMs and comments I receive on the internet for me to be a part of a reality television show—this was my chance. So I also did this show for the netizens that follow me! I didn’t hang back from the controversies at all; I wasn’t there to strategize. Instead, I was that attractive stranger there! Now I couldn’t have created a mess for the sake of fame. As artists, we are used to altercations anyway by the media.”
So the season had been a rollercoaster of emotions, showcasing highs, lows, triumphs, and disappointments! “The concept of a show like this wasn’t just about emerging as the ultimate couple; many of us found self-love on the same show. A reality television show like this was much needed by me to discover my strengths and weaknesses. The show helped me grow in life, kid you not. So participating in Temptation Island was unquestionably a life-changing decision. And of course it got the highest TRP,” added Ruma.
The actress believes it’s okay to test your love on such shows. She continues, “A show like this can make you or break you. You get to explore, so why not? I am still open to re-entering the show if I am dating someone in the near future. I would like to see the tables turn! I want exclusivity from my partner, so I couldn’t tempt as much as I was expected to because I just can’t be a part of the crowd. I couldn’t have been a home-wrecker. The competitiveness amongst the girls was too high. Few of them were coming across as extremely at the end of one’s tether. I got Ruma se Rooh tak ka connection. I was there to support their relationships.”
She also shared insights into what was happening behind the scenes, such as, “I heard I was coming across as an extremely sensitive woman to the whole villa; I am working on my emotions. I realized how I can’t be just bold by my appearance; I also need to be through my heart functions. Netizens want to see an unfiltered personality, not a contestant who is there for stardom. They will not connect with your greatness; they will connect with you via your feelings. Looking at the relationships that had come on the show, it hit me how I need to be expressive about the relationship issues before it’s too late. I saw that when they weren’t able to articulate, everything went down the drain, and two of them, in fact, even broke up. And I must say, the boys of the show were extremely loyal in their respective relationships. None of them crossed any boundaries with us in our villa. I went back and saw the show; all of them were in love with their respective partners. They were tempted, but never tried to hook up with any of us.”
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